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  1. I too want to convert my 98 XR 440 to supermoto. My question is that, I want to use smaller rims (17" ??), can I use the same disc brakes and calipers, or are mods required? I also want to be able to put the dirt rims and tires back on, dependig on the weather.
  2. Do I need to adjust the timing if using 110 octane racing fuel? Is it recommended? I have a 1998 xr 400 with an IMS 420cc kit. It has a new stock cam, and a FMF pipe. I tried it for the first time Thanksgiving week. I mixed it pretty much 50/50 with Union 76 premium gas. Even still, I noticed in typical xr fashion once stalled, in certain conditions, the pig won’t start! You can tell the difference with the gas and I was wondering if you could or should advance the timing for a hotter spark due using a better quality and higher octane fuel. Thanks, Seve
  3. I replaced the carb because i did not trust the float/valve assy. Also there was alot of hardened resin from old fuel. I thought the internals of the carb may be too gummed up as well. Strangly, the bike did run better after the new carb, but not the problem is still same and maybe even worse. I guess though the carb was the problem.. I replaced the hoses to the carb and cleaned the tank. Just put a little laquer thinner in it and shooke it about, flushed it so to speak. Do you think I should remove the top end and inspect the valves, cam, and timing parts? Besides the whole top end just being old and worn out, is an air leak a possibility. Seems to me that may be an issue with two strokes!
  4. so, I have owned this bike for about 5 years. It was in great shape and still is but recently it wont stay running. It will only run with the choke completly closed and high rpm, open the choke and it dies. occasionally I can get it going for a while with the choke off but it will not idle, just dies, unless you close the choke. I replaced the old gummed up carb with a brand new oem carb, plug, I checked the valves and points. All appear ok. Could there be a air leak in the motor? How do you check that? The pipe is the original and may be restricted, but does not sond like it. Anybody play with these old things before? Thanks
  5. Ok, bought the manual, followed the directions and realized once apart, my feeler gauge not only doesn't bend as needed to check the clearance, but it does not go as small as .005! I checked the compression release free play while at this point but it was fine. becaus it starts fine, and only pings when reving the throtte and especially while hillclimbing, I think it may be as simple as old, low octane gas. for a while, I was using octane boost as reccomended due to the 420cc kit, but it gummed up the carb too much. I am going to try some 100+ octane gas and see if that helps. Thanks for the help.
  6. Greetings, first time on Thumpertalk...I am looking for help on adjusting the valves on my XR. I have always had work done on the bike by a well known shop, who installed an IMS 420 kit and replaced the stock damaged cam with a new one, also stock. Unfortunatly they are too busy to look at it right now. Can anyone explain the procedure? Thanks, Steve