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  1. Really *******? Try reading the WHOLE thread. First Reply: More posts... Now.. what were you saying?
  2. The post is about someone getting hurt, did you want us to discuss the physics of getting your balls crunched? Dont get all butt-hurt cuz you fall into one of the three F's.
  3. I go to the control panel and click new posts.
  4. I live in LA and have a taco bell around the corner from me, I eat there 3 times a week when school's in session (i'm not fat! 6' 150lbs, eat whatever the hell you want and exercise...Being 17 probably helps too) I've been to all three of these places, and I'd have to say the SLO is the best. I've heard that nearby Pismo Beach has some really good dune riding if you're into that sort of thing. If you're not, theres OHV parks and other great places to ride all over.
  5. Whenver anyone asks my dad about gifts, he responds "You can't go wrong with a power tool"
  6. Remember the three F's Soccer is for: 1.Fags 2.Females 3.Foreigners In that order
  7. Check these threads:
  8. Riding at Rowher Flats there were a couple of quads parked side by side blocking the whole trail at the bottom of a very steep, very long hill. We stopped at the top of the hill and I revved my engine until they moved. If my dad hadn't been riding lead, I wouldn't have noticed them and would have slammed right into them. I don't think that quads have a magical power over people that makes them do stupid things, but for whatever reason, people who ride quads tend to do unsafe and inconsiderate.
  9. My last name is Elkin, when I saw this post the first thing I thought was "I've known I was perfect for a long time, it's about time I got some recognition." Anyways, glad you had fun.
  10. That's what I always do..
  11. Believe it or not, race isn't a factor in every single issue. It sure as hell isn't an factor in this one. You are ****ing retarded. Can we get back on track here?
  12. Keep it up, practice makes perfect!
  13. What? Dirty magazine? Where?
  14. Trying soo hard not to flame... I want to help though, give us some background, tell us what you ride now, if you ride track or trails, how long you have been riding? What do you mean you suck? Why do you think a thumper would be better?