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  1. Chad-XR650R

    yfz 450 coolant

    Could be you didn't get all the air out of the system when you first put it back together and filled everything up. Could be a leaking head gasket pressurizing the system and blowing the coolant out the weep hole Could be leaking into the engine in which case the oil will turn milky/brownish color. Could be an external leak someh were. Common spot is the water pump impeller weep hole.
  2. Well I started thinking about it and I think it's only been about 15 months since I rode. Anyways. Went out and used some aresol clearner and soaked the pilot jet and hosed down everything else inside and out. During this process it occured to me that I just may have been using the choke backwards yesterday and compensated with enough idle to keep it running. That or cleaning out the carb worked. Either way it's running again. Took it around the block and was back to pulling the front tire off the ground in gears 1-3 which was fun. Low rpm cruise in 3rd it still ran a little rough. I was planning on selling it but now I'm dying to go riding ha ha
  3. Stuck valve? What exactly do you mean by that? On a single cylinder engine how would it run with a stuck valve? Also, wouldn't the engine have to be non interference?
  4. Ok so I tried searching the site and even some google searches and I'm probably retarded because this has to be a common problem. This is the second time I let the bike sit to long without putting stabilizer in it or running it. First time I took it in for service and they fixed it for me. This time I knew the carb would be gummed up so I dropped the float bowl and pulled the pilot and main jets and cleaned the float mechanism (part that cuts of flow when float is up). Main jet looked fine. Pilot jet was clogged. I tried to clean it using a variety of methods but mainly a safety pin. I got it to where I could see light through it and it looked ok but I never could push the pin all the way through (assume pilot is too small). Got the bike fired up and idling about normal. However reving in neutral or trying to ride it runs horrible with anything more than 1/8 -1/6ish throttle. I took it for a spin around the block and I can get into 4th gear babying the throttle but as soon as I try to give it enough gas to up the revs in any gear it falls flat on it's face. Is this the pilot jet still you think? I'm wondering if I really got it clean or not. Otherwise the only other thing I could think of is that internal passage ways in the carb are clogged and I have to dip it. Bike is a 2001 XR650R unkcorked and has always run fantastic. EDIT: In the interest of posting as much info... Currently at idle I can see some black smoke puffs out of the exhaust which it never used to do. If I try to blip the throttle a bit (like less than half) I get pops. stumbles, and lots of black smoke. The tank was almost empty to I filled it with fresh gas, though I didn't drain what was in the float first. I idled it quite a while and drove around the block so I'm guessing whatever was in the float was used up. The black smoke puffs are clearly fuel related. I've got a lot of automotive engine experience and am used to distinguishing between fuel and oil.
  5. Chad-XR650R

    Ride report Mammoth - "the best of"

    Great pics. That ride looked like a lot of fun!
  6. Chad-XR650R

    A little disapointed in XR650R power at Glamis

    Bike is uncorked with the very basics like HRC exhaust tip and different intake boot, jet, etc. Otherwise stock. I'll check the plug. Thing is I've never had a problem with power or the way it runs until this trip. Breaking the tire loose wasn't really a problem normally. It was more the super huge bowls with tons of loose sand and when I raced olds hill that I noticed issues.
  7. Hey all, Had a great first time in the sand at Glamis this last weekend. Haflway through the 2nd day I stopped by Oldsmobile hill and raced up it a few times. It was a blast but I was disapointed in my bikes performance. I've never rode a hill that tapped my bikes performance until this one. It just didn't have the power to hit 4th gear. With stock gearing and an 8 cup paddle I'd start in 2nd hit 3rd pretty quick. I'm thinking my air filter was pretty clogged by that time, but I don't know. I felt like I should be able to hit 4th for that hill. There were a couple other times I was supprised. Did a huge loop in a huge bowl and pegged the throttle in 4th gear and it took a long time for those rev's to increase.
  8. Chad-XR650R

    Rode sand for my first time - Glamis

    Here are some pics. Nothing to exciting. Wish I could claim the last one was me but it isn't
  9. Chad-XR650R

    Rode sand for my first time - Glamis

    We road quite a bit and hit everthing from Geko road to the washes and from the highway down to Brawley dune I think it is. Of course we stopped by some of the hot spots like Oldsmobile, competition hill, etc. I was pretty disapointed in the performance of my XR on Oldsmobile hill. It was halfway though the second day so my airfilter was probably getting pretty filled with sand but my bike didn't have the juice to hit 4th gear up the hill, though I still beat my buddy 3 out of 4 times
  10. Chad-XR650R

    Rode sand for my first time - Glamis

    Don't see as many posts on here about dune riding or sand riding. I hit up Glamis with some friends this past weekend. I had apprehensions about sand and how hard it would be to ride in but i had a blast. Overall riding dunes is a lot less strain on my body compared to trail riding. According to my buddy who rides there all the time we hit up some of the larger dunes. Haven't laid down my bike in years but did it a few times this weekend from going a little to slow a few times I'm deffinatley going to try out Glamis or dune riding again. Anyone else hit up Glamis on a regular basis? I
  11. Chad-XR650R

    Paddle tire on xr650r?

    Well with the tire mounted and the rock/mud guard removed it fits fine using the stock chain. I got an 8 cup chin-shin (sp?). Hear it's not so hot of a tire but it's my first dune trip so we'll see how it goes.
  12. Chad-XR650R

    Paddle tire on xr650r?

    Looks like I'm headed to Glamis this weekend. Getting a paddle tire today and trying dune riding for the first time on my XR650R. Shop I got the tire at said to go with the 8 cup and an extended chain. My stock chain is in real good shape still so I imagine he knows best eh?
  13. Chad-XR650R

    Superride Sunday Report & Pictures

    Great pics. Looks like an awesome ride.
  14. Chad-XR650R

    California CARB

    A good day to me is 50 miles and plenty of times people have stopped before that far. Those estimates are way to high both in number of times per year and miles IMO.
  15. Chad-XR650R

    Huge ass fire up by sadleback

    Even the news has hinted at a link to the controlled burns. Nobody is saying anything conclusive in public though.