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  1. Thanks for the info guys ... the Parts Unlimited issue doesn't affect me 'cos I'll need to source something else here in Australia
  2. Hi all, The battery on my 03 WR250F has been drained.* How long should it take to recharge when running the engine? I've been for a hour long ride and still no peep from the electric start button. Thanks in Advance, T. * Smashed the ignition key barrel in a crash, and hot-wired the bike to get going. Replaced ignition key barrel a week later but found battery to be flat. Didn't realise that the "key on" position would drain the battery .. doh!
  3. tigermac

    On-line manual for PW80 (2004)

    Excellent, thanks much appreciated. It does have manuals for 2000 to 2002 on there too. Search for Motorcycle Search for PW 80 (note the space).
  4. Hi folks, Anyone got a link for an on-line manual for a 2004 PW80? Thanks in advance, T.