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  1. Hello, I just bought a used XR70 (1999) and it is very difficult to shift. I actually didn;t notice, but my son (11 years old) can hardly pull the lever up and my daughter (9 years old) can't move it up at all. Everything seems to work fine, but the clutch does seem a little grabby when downshifting... Any help is greatly appreciated!
  2. Hypecat

    DR-Z 400 S - Burning rubber smell???

    Nothing new. Actually I just purchased the bike and have only ridden it a handfull of times. All looks OK?
  3. I was riding my DRZ into work today and noticed a distinct burning rubber smell. I looked around and didn't see anything abvious, any ideas?
  4. Ok, I have been researching here for a couple of days and decided I need to ask a couple of questions. I bought a used 2003 DR-Z400S, it supposedly is completely stock except for a Yoshi slip on. I have been researching how to do the 3X3 mod and have question, does anyone has pictures of the mod and carb. where is the fuel screw? My carb has a clear tube hanging from it with what looks like a white plastic dial???? Also, can I purchase just a head pipe and use my existing Yoshi slip on? Thanks for your time. Hypecat
  5. Alright, I have to ask a question and I am not trying to open a can of worms: I am looking for a bike to dual sport, ride a few miles back and forth to work, maybe 100 miles to the cabin once in a while, and do some trail riding while I am there. So, what do I choose, an XR 650 L, DR-Z400S, or convert a XR 400, XR 600 or something along the lines of a CRF450X..... ??? Any thoughts from the experts would be great! Thanks!