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  1. project_mx_37

    *Post Your Kawasaki 2 Stroke Pics Here*

    Heres the most recent pic of my 2005 KX250
  2. project_mx_37

    Spokes commin loose?

    Thanks guys
  3. project_mx_37

    Spokes commin loose?

    Hey Everyone. I just got black rims on my bike about 5 weeks ago. On the second ride on the rims, i was about 10kms out in the bush on a big ride, when i started to notice my back end was goin wierd. I pulled up to find every single spoke had become very, very loose . None of the spokes came loose on the first ride. They guy from the bike shop says its normal for new rims, and new bikes for this to happen on the first 3 or so rides. It had never happened to me before, and was wondering how do i stop this from happening again?? Any help would be apppreciated.
  4. project_mx_37

    *Post Your Kawasaki 2 Stroke Pics Here*

    There are just these plastic carbon fibre lookable ones i got off ebay. They arnt too bad, but ive cracked one though:bonk:
  5. project_mx_37

    *Post Your Kawasaki 2 Stroke Pics Here*

    Here are the most recent pics of my 2005 KX250 http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewattachment&attachmentid=79230
  6. This also happened in my 1999 KX125. It started running really really good for about 15- 20 mins. Im thinkin "f**k yeah!", then she sputteredand coughed and died.. Needed a new crank, piston, cylinder and a whole heap of other stuff..
  7. project_mx_37

    new 05 kx 250 motor.

    I have a 2005 KX250 and my bro had a 2005 KX125 and there is a fair bit of difference in the frame. The 250 frame is a little thicker and the downtubes on the 125 go up much sooner than the 250. It looks like most brands 250's and 125 have the same difference.
  8. project_mx_37

    What 250 2-Stroke is best?

    I have a 2005 KX250. Everything is great on it. You wont be dissapointed
  9. project_mx_37

    KX250 flywheel weights

    good, cause i want to smooth it out and loose the wheelspin, but keep some of the hit.
  10. project_mx_37

    KX250 flywheel weights

    i Just ordered a 9 oz for my 2005 KX250, its in the shop gettin fitted now. Will that be heavy enough to make a difference?
  11. project_mx_37

    Some cheap bling (or whatever)

    I like red bull better than V though and ive never tasted monster but the green can just looked cooler on a Kwaka. As for the heat issue. Technically the can is metal, therefore it is a conductor, not an insulator as mentioned somewhere in this thread, so the heat should pass straight through the can and not affect the shock. And it doesnt melt the can, lol, ive never gotten it that hot!
  12. project_mx_37

    Some cheap bling (or whatever)

    This is a quick one i did with a V can about a year ago. http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j169/project_mx_37/101_0218.jpg[/img]"] http://i80.photobucket.com/albums/j169/project_mx_37/101_0217.jpg[/img]"] We dont get monster in Australia so that sucks.
  13. Nothin against blue riders here, but where i am, i only ever recieve crap from yamaha riders. Easy solution. I say "ok then, back it up on the track" then they either shut up and never speak of the subject again, or i race them, and whoop them and shut them up that way. Oh the joy of having an MX track down the road. Seriously though, they are just threatened. They are good people untill they find out that you ride a kawasaki, then they just turn to pricks, and i mean, they dislike you, because you ride a kawi. It is quite lame. And scince the 06 KXF's came out, there been a big boom in green bikes here. heaps at the races.
  14. Hey guys. I just bought a set of Boysen Power Reeds for my 2005 KX250 and I have been told that the jetting will need to be leaned off. I was just wondering which jet will need to be changed and by how much? I have a Pro circuit platnum 2 pipe and factory 304 muffler on it and i always run 32:1. I just rebuilt the top end and i notice the top of the piston was very black, which i found strange cause where i ride has a lot of loose dirt and i ride it very hard. Could i already be too rich? Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks:ride: