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  1. goodtogo

    oxy clean+ no-toil??

    I have been using that method ,seems to work fine for me ,I use hot water and oxy ,I let it site for about 20 to 30 min rinse & dry
  2. goodtogo

    Riding our Husky`s :)

    The best part is that you are helping your son ,and not yelling or being a jerk ,you are making the the ride fun for him As for liveing the USA its the only place I have ever lived,I dont like the way we treat other countrys etc...I hate the fact that our government is soooooo corrupt ,not that any were else is much differnt,the tracks in Fl have a hard time staying open cuz once someone gets hurt or there is to much noise the lawerys get into it and the track owners have to spend money to stay open,I think that is going on all over the usa if not most countrys,hell other that live is good thankx for the vid
  3. goodtogo

    New Pictures

    Nice ,now get some black rims with black hubs
  4. goodtogo

    Changing colors

    So ,were are the pic's?
  5. goodtogo

    fed up with it. need to get it off my chest

    So 100 people at $5000.00 each should be enough? lets start looking !!!!!!!
  6. goodtogo

    Computer frustrations...

    so buy a mac and free yourself from winblows ,& if ya get a new one with the intel chip you can run 2 times the software and not have to worry about worms etc......only use winblows when you have to
  7. if you look on the right side there is a download button pc/mac
  8. goodtogo

    Whose going where? 7/23-24th????

    seminole ....Sunday early.....
  9. goodtogo

    HARD ENDURO gallery

    LMAO Oh ya thanx for the pics ,I was
  10. goodtogo

    The "official" I'll be in Orlando for the SX thread...

    I will get there about 1:00 ,my buddy's son & I will check it out
  11. I ride up and down to give it the Ok it's running etc... but I do it during the week and mid day...there is one neighbor who lives here part time ,who get's a little pissed so I hear,
  12. goodtogo

    Chest protecter or not

    I wear a Thor Force chest protector & yes it does more than sheild you from the roost ...
  13. goodtogo

    Track cost

    How much is it going to cost for dirt???? I was {am} going through the same thing ....5 to 10 acres + dirt + rental for bobcat etc...good dirt about $200 a load...land LMAO could be $50,000 + ,not somthing I can do on my own,but If I had 50 to 100 ppl willing to get together & make some kind of LLC for the purpose of a track. The land in Lee County is very expensive ,so not sure it will happen, ... in the mean time I am still looking for acreage ,for the wifes horse {4 acres} & 5 to 10 acres for the mx track....If you get to build track keep us posted
  14. goodtogo

    So who rides Seminole Tribe?

    There is a race Sunday March 12th...the SX track will be open Sat from 9 to 12....& on Sunday the 12th no practice on MX or trails....
  15. goodtogo

    Pax Track Ride Sunday March 5th

    Pax is off I4 going to O town?.....BTW nice rmz 450!!!!