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    Works Connection Factory 4 Stand in great condition. This stand is a tank and the best there is. No longer needed since I sold my bike. Email or message me for a shipping quote.



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    Handlebars removed from a 2016 YZ250F with little use. Price includes shipping.



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    Custom Shroud Graphics that fit 2014-2017 YZ250F and YZ450F Cycra Shrouds. Sold bike so these are no longer needed. Price includes shipping.


  4. Fortunate to have Englishtown as my local track. Only one of 2 tracks we have here in NJ. Thanks.
  5. I have a 16 YZ250F and I'm perfectly happy with the stock spring rates and valving at 170 lbs. I have about 20 hours on it now and about 8 races. First couple of rides I wasn't sure I made the right decision because the forks seemed really harsh and overall bike setup just felt off. By the 3rd ride I was comfortable and played with setup and found 108-110mm sag to be best. It settled the bike in the chop and allowed me to turn better. The stock Bridgestone was horrendous too. I cant believe vital didn't put all the bikes on equal tires. Even on good dirt here in NJ the Bridgestone was horrible so I cant imagine what it's like in Cali. Think I'm a click or two softer on compression on the forks and shock rebound. Haven't touched the bike setup since the 4th ride. I had a 13 RMZ250 before this bike that was setup with factory connection suspension. The rmz was maybe a little better with turn in but the yz is better everywhere else. The rmz was brutal in acceleration bumps and really sensitive to fork height changes. Overall stability on the rmz was not good. I'm in love with the YZ. I'm by no means fast but I've definitely improved a lot this year riding this bike.
  6. So I ordered some kx spokes 41032-0003 and nipples 41032-0002. The spokes appear to be the same minus the thread length on the spoke but the nipple body head diameter is smaller on the kx spoke nipple than the stock one. Anyone know if this will cause an issue?
  7. ok thanks. It figures that about 10 nipples were seized on to the spokes and were destroyed loosening them.
  8. Good to know. Since I ripped 2 out and damaged a nipple on a third all on the non brake side, should I loosen all of the spokes and true it from scratch?
  9. Thanks. I have been keeping my eye on some stuff on there but didn't see anything that cheap so I ended up purchasing spoke repair kit from ksrwheels.net. He sells an oem 2 spoke/nipple kit for 10 bucks.
  10. Me and another rider tangled up yesterday during a race and his footpeg got caught in my front wheel. It ripped out 2 spokes and damage another. Anyone have a 4 or 5 spokes to fit a 2016 YZ250f 21x1.60 oem wheel/hub? Yamaha only sells them as a set.
  11. Both shifters bent in the same spot right at the tip without the bike being crashed. Looked at a friends 16 450 and his was bent the same way.
  12. Anyone else bend the stock shifter near the tip without crashing? I'm on my second one and this one bent just like the last one.
    Great hoses
    Great Wireless Hour Meter and can track interval time as well as total time.