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    XR400 Clutch Problem

    I do have all the parts and they are burned to a crisp (including the outer and center clutch as well as the clu press plate, and all the friction disks and clutch plates). I figured I could have bought the main parts as well as the misc. oil, filter, gasket, etc. for about $540. However, given that I've done nothing more with the new XR then putt around on hard pack (following my 10 year old who is learning to ride), I was hoping that Honda might step in and take some responsibility for a new bike with 110 miles and only 5-6 rides on it. If I had repaired the clutch myself, I assumed that they never would have listened to me versus one of their dealers (not that it made any difference anyway)..... Also - I previously had an XR250 and an XR400 that I beat the snot out of in the mountains when I lived in WA. state. In 4-5 years of riding those bikes very hard (steep hills, lots of mud, etc.) I never had a clutch problem. I even used my XR250 to tow a friend who ran out of gas through 10 miles of deep mud and steep hills, without destroying the clutch. This is part of what makes the above situation particularly frustrating.
  2. davemu

    XR400 Clutch Problem

    Has anyone had or heard of this problem: I previously owned an XR250 and an XR400 that I rode very hard in the Olympic mountains in WA state (steep hills, lots of single track, deep mud, and deep water). Although I’ve snapped off clutch and break leavers, and broken things in crashes, I never had clutch problems of any type. I bought my 10 year old a new XR80 for Xmas last year and I bought a new 2004 XR400 so I could follow him while he learns to ride. We never even rode the bikes until the weather improved around April/May of 2005. both bikes have 110 miles on them (5 or 6 rides) and were just in for their 10 hour check ups. I currently live in northern Illinois and there are two small riding areas. It is mostly hard pack trails (very easy) and I have done nothing other then follow my son around (mostly in second gear) while he learns to ride. On my last ride the clutch went from fine (no slipping or noticeable problem) to no engagement almost instantly. When I took it in to a Honda dealer they told me it was completely burnt out (plates, friction disks, and both the inner and outer clutch – pretty much the whole thing and $800 to repair). The amount of damage is beyond puzzling. Honda customer relations (2 different managers) pretty much contended that this was impossible and more or less told me that I must be lying. I'm just curious if anyone has ever experienced this problem. I was really hoping that Honda might give me some insight on quality history and possible causes - very dissapointing experience with the only company whose bikes I've ever owned. Also - I'm wondering if it's possible that there might be blockage in the frame that is preventing proper oil flow (the bike definately had oil in it). Thanks.