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  1. gjones

    TM designs chain slider

    The TM design chain slider will solve the rubbing on the swing arm issue as it has a rubber pad on the underside of the slider. As far as the chain slapping that is just the nature of a four stroke. Mine does the very same thing. I notice it more when the chain is overly loose but it will still do it when the chain is properly tensioned. As far as wear and tear I would highly recommend the TM slider!
  2. Am I missing something or has everyone missed the obvious differences between the two bikes. The KX is fuel fuel injected and the YZ is still carbuerated. You might consider that also when making your decision. I personally have not ridden either of the '09's but have a friend who's son rides a KX at the local pro level and his only complaint was having to retrain himself on how to work on it. Lots of new things to consider with FI.
  3. Awesome suggestion Gray. I had this situation just the other evening when changing the oil. I haven't ever seen a valid reason for the drain bolt myself unless you want to wait 30 minutes for it to drain. By the time you get the drain bolt out and get the others ready to come out you can remove the cover and capture what little oil is in the cavity anyway.
  4. gjones

    Cam chain replacement on 04 450f

    Thanks Grey! I wasn't sure since I haven't ever done this before.
  5. gjones

    Cam chain replacement on 04 450f

    I plan to replace the timing chain with a new topend in the near future and wanted to clarify that on the 06 450 the flywheel will need to come off to do this.?? Is this the case. If so is the only puller to use the OEM Yamaha one, or has someone used another one successfully?? Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  6. gjones


    I have used the timeserts on both drain bolts on my 06 YZ450. I keep having a problem with the drain plug under the ignition cover breaking the shoulder off of the timesert. I have installed two with the same result. Any suggestions on what might be wrong. If the c'bore is a bit shallow could this cause this? I was hoping to repair this and forget about it. No luck yet...
  7. gjones

    Timesert Failure

    I figured I would try that this evening. The only thing that concerns me is the design of the timesert. If I understand it correctly when it is installed with the tool it deforms the last couple of threads (deepest in the hole) so that it "bites" so to speak, into the aluminum housing. My concern is that if the screw extractor does not work I have now damaged what is left of the insert. At that point I am committed, and my be down a road I do not want to go down.....
  8. gjones

    Timesert Failure

    OK, so a while back I did the unthinkable and stripped out the oil drain bolt on the left side case on my '06 450. (The one under the ignition cover). I repaired the drain with a timesert. Untill yesterday it had performed flawlessly. When I went to do an oil chnage last night I loosened the drain bolt and noticed when I removed it that it had something just under the copper washer on the bolt. After a bit of looking I determined it was the shoulder on the timesert and the first thread. Apparently what happened is the timesert fractured and left about five threads in the side case and the top portion stayed on the bolt. Has anyone had this happen? If so how did you get the remainder of the insert out. I can replace the insert I am just looking for suggestions as to how to get the insert out.... Thanks
  9. gjones

    DRD needs your vote!

    Dr.D now leads by one vote!!
  10. gjones

    DR.D Pipe on '06

    Thanks Gray for the input. I do notice when it is pretty warm outside it tends to flame out when applying the throttle quickly out of a turn. I usually can adjust that out with the fuel screw slightly, but I might consider going a bit leaner with the new pipe and possibly correct that problem as well.
  11. gjones

    DR.D Pipe on '06

    OK, so this has probably been beat to death but, I plan to finally go aftermarket (due to crushed stock head pipe). The DR.D sounds like the best one for the YZ but my question is did any of you guys have to do any major jetting changes after installing this pipe? I realize that it will depend on my elevation, etc. but I am currently running the 48/170 that most people recommend and it runs great. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  12. gjones

    Rad guards with IMS tank on '06?

    I am running the Devol Radiator guards with an IMS oversize and they fit great. The only issue with the devols is that in muddy situations the have a tendency to pack with mud causing overheating issues. I solve this by zip- tying the OEM plastic guards to the front of the devols to deflect most of the mud away before it reaches the small cutouts in the Devol guard. Worked like a champ so far.
  13. gjones

    Cylinder Replating

    I appreciate the responses guys, I was considering using Millenium to do the job, just wanted to see if anyone recommended them. Sounds like they do good work. As far as the condition of the bore, all I have to go on is visual inspection at this point. There are no major mars or grooves or anything like that in the bore. It actually looks pretty good with the exception of the portions immediately above and below the intake and exhaust ports. If you run your finger nail along the interface with the worn portion and the plated portion you cannot feel any difference just the visual difference in material colors. Sounds like I need to call Millenium and see what they can do. Thanks again
  14. OK, So I realize this does not apply to the 450 forum but I have a question I need some feedback on, and was hoping that Grey might chime in. (Since this seems to be where he hangs out. So I broke down the 'ol '02 250 2 smoker last night to freshen up the top end and realized when I opened it up that it had been a bit too long. The bike still ran great so no seizure issues, but I noticed that above and below the intake and exhaust ports the Nikasil is gone. It appears to be the aluminum of the jug itself. My question is can I just have it replated or do I need to have it bored and sleeved. Is replating a quality solution or should I just shell out the bucks for a new cylinder and be done with it? If so, who does the best job? Any comments or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  15. gjones

    06 450 Suspension Revalve Worth It???

    I am about your weight and skill level, and ride mostly offroad type stuff. I had some issues with getting the front end to stick in corners and have an overall plush feel to the suspension. All I had to do was have the springs changed for my weight and it made a huge difference. No revalving involved. It made a huge difference, this bike is perfect now. Just get it sprung correctly before you do any revalving, it will reward...