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    riding this damn dirtbike
  1. the lower ration the more top end , your 250 what ever make it is make plenty of power especially in the oh so useless first gear, so drop some teeth in the back and haul some ass..
  2. mxr399

    Seal Savers ripping on my 450

    mine did the same shit , you gotto stop the rubbing man
  3. mxr399

    Ktm Vs Honda

    i think that my four stroke is like a tractor , just put in gear and go hHAHAHAHAHAH don't get me wrong i am way faster on my 4stroke
  4. mxr399

    Do I want a KTM 450xc?

    i'm on a 03 cfr450 and i love it but ------- i'm going ktm 450 i have a few friends taht have made the switch, after a brief adjustment period they are loveing it
  5. mxr399

    RC and James

    *****************it's only race #1**************************** and where was Windham ?????????????
  6. mxr399

    Just some pics of me jumping

    ok --- but how did he jump the airplane and how is that guy standing on the jet-engine ----- that's awesome --- hahaha ha haha hah ha aa ah - ok nevermind
  7. mxr399

    Indiana tracks to ride???

    hey Rocky watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat
  8. no you tell him to man up --- quit being a wussy , but what if he starts to cry or just gets mad and throws the bike down and starts walking. would he do that ??? then what ???
  9. hahahahahhaaa hahahahahahahhaha hahahahhaha hahhahahah haaahh aaaahhh haa aaahhh ahh ahhaa haa ooohh wait , were you umm are you mocking me ????? cause if you are you pretty clever and funny , did i set my self up for that ????????
  10. my girlfriend rides also --- and it's not that i don't like riding with her ( even though you cannot tell her ANYTHING with out her getting mad) But when your chaseing down guys that r fast, the last thing you want to think about is where is the girl. it's not that he doesn't what to ride w/you. he just doen't want to worry if your ok back there ....
  11. i hope motoland doesn't close up till theres inches of snow, i don't mind some cold , i don't want to go indoors...
  12. mxr399

    Renting Huskys For Baja?

    that sounds like a fun trip ---but do i have to ride a husky??? and what if my girlfrind wants to come...i don't think that she needs to ride that big of a bike --are there smaller ones
  13. it makes me dizzy when they look around
  14. i thought that one of those video was going to show them blasting past me , cause i know they did a few times, thanks for cutting that out
  15. mxr399

    Moving from SoCal to Indiana

    maybe since trojan changes the track every few weeks or every week or what ever--- i didn't like that perticular set up --- reasons--- too short of a track-- no berms on the corners, the jumps where so so , bassically a flat ground track...ect just to clearify i never commented about the reads raceing program,--- so no hard fealing ---------peace