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  1. Colorado

    Thanks for the posts ...this should be fun.
  2. Hello - long time away from racing for me and was considering the 10 / 7 RMEC race in Trinidad...just wondering if any of the rain has hit there? Last time I raced there is was real dusty. Any info?
  3. Colorado

    Folks - thanks for this discussion. End of last summer I moved back to Longmont area following a 7 years hiatus in SE Denver. I'm not riding too much now due to projects at the new house & kids but I did get up to LHC to see the changes.....I'll join the the BCTR group and hope to make the district meeting this month (5pm June 28th?). I think the NTCR group has done a great job working with the FS a bit more north. - Maybe that's a model work toward. Cheers - Ridge
  4. Colorado

    thanks - maybe we can hook up for a ride there at some point - also on a 200. Unfortunately I think this weeknd is out and guess it will be snowing before summer is here..... It has been six or seven years for me at LHC, I moved back to Lmont after being in SE Denver for 6 or so years.
  5. Colorado

    Condition report? All dry - snow in the shade?
  6. All types of enduros are fun and can be challenging by there own character. I'm a C rider and likely will always be a C rider, I don't mind ...In the last 7 years or so I've riden maybe 10 enduros, usually when there is too much snow in the mountains....that said I really enjoyed some of the less technical events such as Last Chance, Peetz Table, love Pine Ridge - my first event was Turkey Tx, when they ran it right out of the town ...there even was a Saturday Grand Prix through an old factory or mill or something ....Awesome!! ....I get the impression the advanced riders enjoy them too .... Thanks for asking. RD
  7. Yeah this was a good race! It pointed out all my weakness ....still licking my wounds, need a better training program to really ride this type of course. Many thanks to the organizers & land owner.
  8. Hey Folks, I lost a fenderbag at Woodland on Sunday - MSR bag w/ tire irons, tube, pump, some KTM tools. I heard from some other riders that some folks on Hondas picked it up ??? Reward for its return! Thanks - Ridge 303-882-5273
  9. Great thread!.....BUT REI - remember this is an organization that does not support OHVs .....perhaps their is another retailer?
  10. The protective shield goes behind the fly wheel so you need a puller. it's an improved cam chain guide. As far as valave work, there's a guy on KTMTalk, Dave that does great valve head work, about $300. When I put my new cylindar on my 400, I simply cleaned up the valve face valves & seats, these motors are bomber!! if nothing was destroyed by the nut you should be good to go.
  11. Hey Rodzilla, I was going to screw up my tires. Has anyone been packing the trails down at all?? I may need to hit some packed snow machine trails?? Anybody got good places for winter bike fun?
  12. I've been riding a 12/52 for two years on my 400. I know/ Why so low....my bike befoe was a klx 300 that could crawl in 1st gear. The combo allows me to ride super rocky uphills w/ ledges & such w/o slipping the clutch. Less fatigue = more fun. Of course most riding doesn't even see 1st gear, but I love having a tractor in Colorado when I need it.