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  1. goater

    trying to build backyard track

    This is where i have all the pictures of my track and a few riding pics too. Theres a few more elements too the track that aren't shown but thats most of it. I need to finish about 100ft in the woods and itll be about done. Other than repairs and upkeep. Enjoy. http://groups.msn.com/RyansMotocrossPicturesandVideos PS: Tell me what you guys think.
  2. goater

    trying to build backyard track

    hey man, get us some pictures. . . ur setup sounds awsome. especially this halfpipe thing. and dirt, get us some pics of ur land so we can't help out more. Its shaped like a half pipe but you cant ramp it or nothing its not steep enough but when theres mud in the bottom it pretty greasy and fun. Ill try to get pics tommorow if its nice and i have time
  3. goater

    ''Testimonial of a Trackbuilder''

    Thats some pretty awesome land you got for building a track. Its all flat around me but i like my supercross style track all the same.
  4. goater

    trying to build backyard track

    Well if you have some equipment it ain't too hard to build a track its just time consuming. I built my track with the smallest skidloader made by bobcat and an old Ford tractor with a loader. It takes forever. But my biggest advice is to do it right the first time. For instance ive been working on my track for 4 years, mainly because i took too many shortcuts i didnt pack anything in and did stuff wrong and it was destroyed and had to be rebuilt. Then when i thought i had it beautiful i bought a new bike. Changed everything. So this time i went and took my time and made it more bike friendly. All my friends have different bike sizes and brands, etc. So i built a track that could acomadate full size bikes and minis. alot of it comes to personal preference too. Like dont go build a 100 ft triple if you cant clear a 30 ft tabletop. Use common sense and things should turn out alright. My track has lap times between 1:30 and 2 min i think maybe more i havent timed in a while. But again make it safe and make it fun. To get dirt for my track i used my skid loader and started diging a hole in the ground and just kept rounding so i could drive in and out of both sides and when i was done it kinda resembled a half pipe, its quite fun to play in and then i ran the drainage off my 60 footer into that hole and it's a blast for quads when its muddy. Another thing you can do is start a ways back from where you want your jump and start sloping a hole downand at the end make the ramp you can make some nice jumps that way. just my $0.02. hope it helps.