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  1. rmz859

    tc 450

    ok i have never bought anything but a japanese bike. what would be the biggest difference in a husky and also are they reliable. i have had three rmz450s and they have not been very reliable at all and that is my biggest concern. if any one has had any bad luck out of these bikes please tell me. i know stuff breaks and gets worn out but i would really appreciate and information about the husky. also the bikes i am looking at are the motocross 250 and 450 fou strokes thanks ms859
  2. rmz859

    connecting rod is OUR culprit

    ya i agree, there is defintly some sort of design flaw in this motor. about 3years ago my first four stroke was a YZ250F. it was an 03 and i was just getting into racing and i kept that bike for the whole year and we changed the oil in it once and i raced probably thirty races and i never heard as much as a peep out of it and yes i race suzukis but i am a very strong believer iin yamahas durability and i think i will probably go back to one even though yamaha doesnt pay as much it would pay for its self in not having to rebuild it after three months. and yes i told my dealer there was no way i was paying $5500 for a new motor when i could buy a brand new bike for that.
  3. rmz859

    Those who ride & race a 450 ?

    18AA/A 6'0 175 lbs 5 years
  4. rmz859

    connecting rod is OUR culprit

    well i have owned an 05 06 and now an 07 and i can officially say it will be the last time i have a RMZ until they fix their problem. maybe its just me but every one i have had has ruint the motor by the crank bearing going out. i race GNCCs and other offroad series so i know the demand on the bike is high with all the mud and different conditions but i change the oil after every race and my dad is always tearing it seems so we do a lot of preventitive maintenece. the latest motor damage my dealer said is going to cost somewhere around $5500 to fix. i have had the bike around 3 months and if it wasnt for the suzuki bucks i wouldnt have bought another one to begin with. Dont get me wrong the bike handles great runs awesome for the woods and i have never had a problem with the bike starting hot or cold or with stalling. it just seems like when it goes it all goes. the t tube that runs to the right side radiator has melter twice losing all the coolant the first time resulting in a blown head gasket and a warped head and the second time the motor looks like it has been through a fire. if any one has had any thing similar happen a would like to know ms859
  5. rmz859

    RMZ450 suspension help

    i have an 05 and an 06. My 06 is still being set up. My 05 is going to still be my race bike for a while.What is MB1's number?
  6. I have a RMZ450 that i have about 17 races on and i have never even tried to adjust the suspension. I will be racing 4 stroke A in GNCC's and i would like to get it set up the best as possible but it just seems like it wants to bottom real hard on quick down and up hills and its not very confidence inspiring. I weigh about 170 and am 6 foot tall. I am mostly a sit down or attack position rider. around flat turns it seems like it wants to wash and i usually always have new tires if i race and i always weight my outside peg but it just seems like it doesnt want to bite. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  7. rmz859

    Suzuki Contigency help

    They said that the series promotor had me down in the wrong class, i need to contact a defferent rep, then he got mad because we got his number and said we shouldnt have it and he was pushing us one way and pulling us another and when he visited my dealer when their sales rep asked him a question about the contigency program he just turned around and walked off and it has been 5 months since i re registered and i have still have never recieved my money for 05 or 06 but a didnt get my bike until october but i have not recieved any money from suzuki and a lot of people are having the same problem around my way but they say once you get registered its fine but i am getting ready to get a new bike when the 07s come out and it would be nice to have a down payment because i would like to keep my 06 to have as a practice bike but if they are not going to pay i am going to switch to kawasaki
  8. rmz859

    Suzuki Contigency help

    I have a RMZ450 and have been racing a suzuki coontigency paying race series this winter and I have around $3200 saved up and i am signed up and registered in the suzuki contigency program and i cannot get paid. I have contacted a guy from the contigency program but he just keeps making excuses why i am not getting my money. If anyone has had the same problem or knows anything it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  9. rmz859

    RMZ 450 Cam CHAIN

    well it was during a race when it happened so i couldnt really tell when it started after busting my radiator but after putting on the new radiator it only does it when its cold so i am assuming its the cam chain needing adjusting because i ride it almost every day i can and like right now its 11:45 and i am going to go riding until dark so it has a lot of hours on it and has never been adjusted.
  10. rmz859

    RMZ 450 Cam CHAIN

    I have a 2005 RMZ450 and it now has five races (harescrambles) on it and about 60-70 hours ride time and has a funny sound thats sounds like it is coming from the right side of the motor. The header pipe has a nice sized dent in it but i cannot think of anything else except for the cam chain is lose but thats on the left side of the motor. I have a 2005 KTM450SX that in the first 3 weeks of owning the main bearing went out on it. It kind of sounds like that but the sound of the worn main bearing was more of a pounding and got louder and made the bike run crappy. A couple of months later the KTM's cam chain adjuster broke because where the adjustment is automatic it tightened when it was cold but on the KTM it cannot losen once it is warm unless you take it apart. So I thought it was the main bearing again so i am guessing thats what it is. Also the bike has not been riden in about 2 weeks because i smashed the radiator and had to wait on it. In the manual it says it could be that the pipe was carboned up. Any input would be greatly appreciated. MS859
  11. rmz859

    I need a new left side radiator

    Where can i get a new left side radiator. I was racing at Mississippi at the mid-south and wrecked and it put my fuel petcock through my left radiator. Thanks MS859