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  1. Have you a tps's cover picture to understand how it's done? Thanks
  2. Where could I purchase the valves spring? I write from italy and here they are not in commerce How much do the spring cost in the U.S.A?
  3. It excuses kelstr but my English it is not good and I don't have I understand well what you have written. Ok I won't race with the springs stock. But the gentleman Ron Hamp could give me and to send me the correct springs for my crf 450? is it true? Don't I know this gentleman , I'm Italian, is it perhaps a tweaker? Now I have purchased the valves and I cannot use them. I'm not rich Thank you
  4. Doesn't a solution exist to this problem? I have already ordered from US the valves, is it possible to make thickness to the spring?
  5. hi, I am Italian, I would have a question I am about to change the valves kibble without spring kit will I have some problem? Thank you Compliments for the forum
  6. Thank you, not send in Italy
  7. Hi, i'm italian, sorry for my english. Where I can buy less expensive valves? Thank you