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  1. Adam D

    02' XR250 Wheel Spacer

    Ok, Thanks guys. I'll be sure to reset my front end before my next ride. I was told that I should not have any space, but that was from someone that didn't know any better. Adam D
  2. Adam D

    02' XR250 Wheel Spacer

    Regarding my 02' XR250R: Can anyone tell me if there is supposed to be wheel spacers on “both” sides of the tire. I only have a spacer on the right side. The side that the odometer housing is on does not have a spacer. I have been using some very big clamps to squeeze the front forks against the odometer housing to take up the space and that doesn’t seem correct. Thanks, Adam D
  3. Adam D

    Rabbit Valley/Moab

    It looks like a small crew of about 6 are headed to Moab this weekend and I'm going to make the 5 1/2 hour drive I think. Rabbit would have been much easyier for just a weekend, but hey, you got to do what you got to do. Adam D
  4. Adam D

    Rabbit Valley/Moab

    Anyone going to Rabbit Valley or Moab this weekend (11/3-11/4)? Weather looks good so far and yagota get em' spinnin' while you still can. I want to go! Adam D
  5. Adam D

    Bad Ring & Big Bore?

    I just got a call from the shop and I was told that my “rings where stuck in the grooves” and that my intake valves are cupped and need to be re-cut, replaced ect. Another 300+ bucks. I’m in on over a grand and I can’t believe this is happening. Ok, now I’m really confused on what happened. Any ideas guys… &%$#@!? Adam D
  6. Police Helicopters are looking for you in Moab! I just spoke with a buddy of mine who was riding in the Moab area camped south of town near Kane Creek this past weekend with a bunch of guys, and he told me that a police helicopter circled his camp everyday and checked them out. He also said that the helicopter was landing and giving out various land violation and DUI tickets. So beware those who think they are out in the middle of nowhere and believe that they have total freedom from “The Man”, You don’t! I would think that no matter how fast of a rider you are, you can’t out run a cop in the air. Remember when Moab and the Canyonlands trails weren’t so popular…. Ahh the good ol’ days. My friend also said that it was a zoo of 4x4 vehicles this past weekend. Most have been a big organized ride going on. Adam
  7. Adam D

    Bad Ring & Big Bore?

    I guess I should have waited a bit before I told the dealer to go ahead with the work. Thanks for offering your advice and assistance regarding this. I’m wondering how that ring went bad… perhaps my air filter was not seated correctly, but I don’t think so. I thought it was strange to have a ring go so fast. Supposedly the shop checked all of the valves and the decompression mechanism. I’ll let you know how it all turns out and if I run into any other problems created by the 280 mod. Man, I wish I had some of the knowledge and mechanical talents that some of you guys have. I guess my talents lie else ware… Thanks again! Adam
  8. Adam D

    Bad Ring & Big Bore?

    I have an 02’ XR250R that I rode this past fall, put it away for the winter, tried to start it and couldn’t. Long story short…. I was told by my local Honda dealer that I was losing 20% compression and that I need a new piston ring and that was estimated at around $700.00… seems a bit high to me. I thought that these XR’s ran “forever” and I’ve only been on it for 4 seasons, but riding it pretty hard at times. Since the top end needs to be pulled, I was thinking of getting a 280 big bore kit installed. My dealer wants nothing to do with that type of custom work. I guess I’d have to have the motor pulled and sent out and put back in. Sounds like a nightmare waiting to happen as I’m not the most mechanical guy out there. What have you guys done to get your bikes bored? Did you pull and reassemble the engine yourself and was it difficult? I’m just attempting to figure out my best options considering my limited mechanical skills here and I hope someone could give me some advice. Adam
  9. Adam D

    Fork roost protection w/ fork brace

    I have the same and works fine. Adam D
  10. Adam D

    Looking for a better skid plate

    "From Trailrider42, Re: Looking for a better skid plate I know a few people besides myself that would like to find one that shields the oil filter cover on the right side better." Gee, I wonder who that would be???????? I had a recent wreck that tore my oil cover and side housing apart at Taylor park. It could have been worse, but needless to say my 4 day trip was over just after 25miles of trail and holding the group up for so long wasn't good for my reputation (whatever that would be). So yes, if someone finds a plate that protects the oil cover, has a hole for oil draining and is easy to get on and off I'd like to know about it, because I don't want to be left at camp with a busted oil cover while everyone else is having fun! Thanks to all who helped me get out of there that day! Adam D
  11. Adam D

    XR parts online?

    Yup, servicehonda.com is good. I just had to replace my right side cover, header pipe and all of the little goodies that go along with it. The parts are from Honda and you save some money by bypassing the dealer. The parts came fast and the scematics on the sight really make it easy to figure out what you need. Adam D
  12. Adam D

    White bros or FMF

    I have the e-series on my XR250R and also needed to use the sound-reducing insert that is available from White Bros. It made a big difference in the loudness. Before it was like having a jackhammer chasing me through the woods, now (it’s still on the louder side of things) but reasonable. I couldn’t ride my bike without getting a headache by the end of the day without the insert. It did steal some power, but the compromise was well worth it. It is much better then the stock pipe. Also, I tried the XR’s only header pipe along with the e-series and besides having a fitting problem, I found that with the larger header I lost too much low end and the bike was a dog in the tight woods. I went back to the stock headers and it was much better. If anyone wants my XR’s only header, make me an offer. I bet with the better top end it would rock in the open country, but I did not like the low-end compromise. Adam D
  13. Adam D

    XR250 or XR400?

    I have a 2002 XR250R and have ridden many of the popular areas in Colorado & Utah, and although the 250 gets me through most all of the challenges that the larger bikes handle, I will say that the suspension can become an issue regarding comfort on very rocky or rooted terrain. As I am reading the posts, I did not see anyone talking about the suspension differences between the 250 & 400. I’m 178lbs 5’8” and I have been riding dirt for only 3+ years and I have outgrown the suspension more then the engine power. Just looking at the 250’s skinny front forks you can tell the front suspension is not as beefy as the 400 or most any other bike that I see on the trails. So besides weight and power, you should really also consider the suspension differences. With your weight and height, I’d say the 400 would make you happier in the long run, but the 250 is really a “great” beginner or woods bike. I’ve got to work a bit harder then most of the guys I ride with on bigger bikes, and I’m not the first one to the top or end of the trail, but I’m not too far behind. I’m looking into the CR250X for my next bike, but the whole valve problem thing is scaring me away. My XR250 has been rock solid on the trail and I have beaten it up pretty good and 98% of the time turns over in 1-2 kicks. It has been very reliable so far with very little needed maintenance and that’s the reason I bought it. Adam D
  14. Adam D

    Slimey Taylor trails

    Hey Dave, I rode with Derek and the boys from TX this week at Taylor and unfortunately I hit a rock wrong 25 miles into the ride and crushed my headers, tore apart my oil cover and right side cover. I “just” made it to the road before I ran out of oil and got a tow back to camp (by a KTM). I ordered my parts (almost $400.00 worth) from Service Honda that Derek suggested I get my parts from. Do you or Mike have any rides in the works that I can join you on once my XR is back on the trail? To all who helped me in my predicament of being stranded on the trail and helping me get out, I thank you all and I wish that things went differently and that I didn’t hold up the ride as long as I did. S#%$ happens I guess. The worst part was sitting back at camp knowing that all you guys were having fun on the trail without me. Hummm, perhaps I need to bring an extra bike next time. Wish I could have spent more time with Derek,Tim and the guys. I felt like I hardly had time to catch up on life. Adam D
  15. Adam D

    "Alpine Trail" in Uncompahgre ?'s

    TR42, Last night while fishing from our canoe, I talked Justin into going on the trip next weekend as well. We will take his truck and I will tent it this time I guess since we don't have a trailer. As far as just using maps and all that, it sounds good to me, we've never had any problems yet, so I'm up for that in the event that the trails are a bit too tuff. You know Justin will be up for trying anything regardless of safety and I always worry about following him into danger, but it keeps things interesting. He found a single track trail that leads to a lake supposedly loaded with Brook trout and we will try and explore that this Saturday. So are you definitely coming up next weekend? Oh yeah, I'm bringing my fishing boat to Taylor on our trip in August. We'll take two bikes and pull the boat with Justin's truck. I think we will get down on Sat and fish before you guys get in. Let me know what's up. Adam D