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  1. kaotik_18

    Got My BRP.

    Bike is easy to start hot. Harder when cold. Another way to clear a flooded carb is to hold the throttle wide open, pull the compression release and kick the bike over 3-4 times. Then start as normal. This always works for me. Congrats on the purchase, looks clean.
  2. kaotik_18

    Riding in sand

    What???? Not trying to argue either, but you shouldn't be passing incorrect information. This statement is completely backwards. When you stand, your weight transfers from your butt to your feet. Which one is lower? Kinda obvious. Therefore standing LOWERS your center of gravity. Also center of gravity and torque are different. When you stand you can lean easier because you have more torque when you shift your weight. Its not a "stupid assumption" it is a law of PHYSICS AND GRAVITY!!!