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  1. Does anyone know the fork oil level or capacity on a 03 yz250f? i lost my service manual. forks only ,Thanks much Haulin47
  2. haulin47

    3x3 mod or FCR conv. cancels warranties!?

    Hell the warranty on one of the guys at the shop's '06 SM says 6 months. Not one year.
  3. haulin47

    The Skinny on CFC Case Savers

    I learned everything about the internet from the man who invented it...Al Gore
  4. haulin47

    The Skinny on CFC Case Savers

    I'm sorry just having a little fun. I've been a member for over a month but haven't had time to post anything....I've been writing christmas bonus checks.
  5. haulin47

    The Skinny on CFC Case Savers

    Sorry your analogy is a little off. It's more like ordering Kenda tire's and then bitching about getting Metzlers sent to you. Hope your X-mas bonus come's in before X-mas eve!!! Heeeer'es your sign!
  6. haulin47

    The Skinny on CFC Case Savers

    I'm sure all the boneheads that question this business decision are probably wondering if they will get a christmas bonus this year. Because you know none of them own a company. The part looks better anyway!! No matter if the part is made by a new vendor or same old vendor, a backorder is a backorder.