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  1. Does anyone know the fork oil level or capacity on a 03 yz250f? i lost my service manual. forks only ,Thanks much Haulin47
  2. Hell the warranty on one of the guys at the shop's '06 SM says 6 months. Not one year.
  3. I learned everything about the internet from the man who invented it...Al Gore
  4. I'm sorry just having a little fun. I've been a member for over a month but haven't had time to post anything....I've been writing christmas bonus checks.
  5. Sorry your analogy is a little off. It's more like ordering Kenda tire's and then bitching about getting Metzlers sent to you. Hope your X-mas bonus come's in before X-mas eve!!! Heeeer'es your sign!
  6. I'm sure all the boneheads that question this business decision are probably wondering if they will get a christmas bonus this year. Because you know none of them own a company. The part looks better anyway!! No matter if the part is made by a new vendor or same old vendor, a backorder is a backorder.