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  1. mbinky818

    Help with my 04 250

    Thanks for the information. I have a line on a good reputable local guy to take the cases to. See if they can be fixed first, then look at my other options.
  2. mbinky818

    Help with my 04 250

    I have some damage to the internal lower cases. My question is, besides buying new cases, what year motors will swap into an 04 kx250 frame. For example, if i found an 02 lower end, I have an 04 cylinder that I could put on it. Would this work? Sorry if this has been discussed. My searching abilities are very poor.
  3. Very sad to hear this news. My son, RJ has raced with Austin throughout the years. Our prayers are with the Krums. Rest in Peace.
  4. mbinky818

    Best PIAA Light Prices?

    I just sold a light bar that had PIAA's on it. 2 chrome ones. He didnt want the lights, so I need to get ride of them. Was going to do the ebay thing, but havnt ever sold anything on there. Let me know.
  5. mbinky818

    09 oil filter spring (yes I am an idiot)

    I use the small 8m socket that was used to remove the cover bolts. It fits right in that hole.
  6. mbinky818

    2004 KX250 buyers advice needed

    Awsome bike. I just bought an 04 kx250 for my son. Thing was brand new. Original fuel and oil. The guy road it around a parking lot, parked it, years later, sold it to me for $2,500. I changed oil, fuel, cleaned carb, tightend bolts, set suspension. Bought the bike on the the 6th, and he already has run ten gallons through it. The bike is perfect. He races an 09 kx250f in the intermediate/b class, and says that this bike is awsome.
  7. mbinky818

    Best engine oil to use

    Amsoil 10-40 100% syn. On all our kx250f's. 05 through 09.
  8. mbinky818

    Fork seal size?

    Sorry for the waste of time. Found it. 05: 48, 06:47.
  9. mbinky818

    Fork seal size?

    What size fork seals are on the 06 250f? I have an 05 and an 06. I know there different, one is a 47, ones a 48. I ordered a set for both and forgot to mark each one.
  10. mbinky818

    What should I expect?

    That just happend to me. Cut rest of bolt off with dremel. Drilled out old bolt. Inserted a helicoil insert. Pain in the butt, but turned out like new.
  11. mbinky818

    Engine build

    I agree. I have an 05 that has run for ever. Just this weekend I put the stock 05 head on our 08 after it lost a valve on saturday, adjusted the valves, went riding on sunday. Waiting for parts for the 8. My son needed to ride. Oh ya, sons bike is more important, isnt that the way it goes.
  12. mbinky818

    Horn Rapids MX in WA

    Not an issue. They run hoses and spriklers.
  13. mbinky818

    my kxf likes to thin out gaskets, after a rebuild

    What about lower end issues? Would a loose rod bearing cause the piston to "knock"?
  14. mbinky818

    2006 kx250f project bike

    I don't know about tranny problems, but I had an electrical issue with our 06. I used all of the electrical components off an 05 to find out what the issue was. Turned out to be the stator, and everything worked off the 05 on the 06.
  15. mbinky818

    So whats everyone doing this weekend(LABOR DAY)

    Ya, heading to Washougal. Good times every year!