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  1. fugitivracing65

    Best Friend Broke His Back.

    damn bro sorry to hear about the accident. Crazy shit happens sometimes. I have a slight idea what you are going through. My dad bro his back and had to have back surgery. they removed a disc and fused two together or somethin. he was laid up in bed for 8 weeks and to make matters worse it was in the living room where my little sister was playing bambi everyday. so hopefully you are fairing a little better than that. He is now 53 and broke his leg last spring riding as well. he has been waiting to get back on his bike and is going to over thanksgiving. hand in there it sucks when bad things happen to good people.
  2. fugitivracing65

    Scewed again, will I ever learn?

    well sadly it is not just dealers that do this. In the construction business nothing gets done until you b**** and moan load enough. So get around this i have become very "well known" at my local bike dealerships and usually everything works out ok. For example just recently i bought a new street bike. After all the paper work was signed and everything i noticed a small ding on the exhaust i pointed it out to the sales man and asked him what we were going to do about it and looked pissed off. Maybe it helped that i am 6'3" 250lbs(ex football player) and he was only maybe 5'8" but i got 10% off the first service and 20-25% off a new exhaust that i was planning on buying anyways. I would have been happy with the 10% but he just kept talking so i let him.
  3. fugitivracing65

    I Hate Quads!!!!

    pure comedy, i love how when ppl get behind i keyboard they think that they are like the f*****g terminator or something. all big and bad, these same ppl would not even defend their gf if someone was making a move on them
  4. fugitivracing65

    I Hate Quads!!!!

    Ok i have read this thread from the beginning to the end. I will make it known from the start i have ridden just about everything there is to ride. Quad(trx250r with a 330 kit about 60hp,and a weak stock 400ex), dirtbike(ktm 525), streetbike(suzuki sv650), chopper(custom built 120ci murch motor). I have in my garage all of these bikes. I have been riding and racing, mostly desert, my 250r for about six years. I have noted a few things. There are f ing indiots in both the two and four wheeled camps to these people i hope they crash not wearing a helmet and remove themselves from the genepool so they can no longer contaminate further generations. However, as the guy who i quoted above a dirtbiker will just go bach and eat his lunch when i quad rider would go and help them up. Also i have noticed in this thread that there seems to be a debate about quads taking up the trail or track and that they are easier to get on and go. While that may be true read above and you will find your answer. Just a couple more things most of you dirtbiker guys who responded here ride bikes that can barely pull you around, you wouldnt understand the amount of power that a race prepped quad can put out. Also during desert races the dirt bikes leave about 15min ahead of us quads and i still pass probably a 1/3 of the dirt bike field on my first lap or 50 miles. And to the guy who started this thread do me and a number of other people and dont wear a helmet.
  5. fugitivracing65

    TRX450R V.S. YFZ450 better WHEELIES!?!?

    well i have some news for you "hardcore" dirtbike guys. when the yzf450 quad came out dirt wheels did a test between the yz450f and the quad on a gran prix track. the quad was only a couple seconds behind the bike on the track. i will say that it fell further behind in the woods section. as for which bike is better to do a wheelie get a 400ex damn thing will wheelie nearly everywhere
  6. fugitivracing65

    trx250R '86

    i read about the pvl ignition that you guys are running. does that still allow you too run headlights??? what are the performance advantages?
  7. fugitivracing65

    520 EXC advice

    I run a ktm 525exc as a dual sport bike here in Ca as well. It was works great. I have not run it very far on the freeway. It will run with traffic all day long. It has plently of torque for the trail riding you are talking about. Stay off of the front brake in turns on the trail, if you have to brake in a turn use the rear. On the street i can get mine to lean just like my friends suzuki sv650 and for the most part and stay right with him. One more thing, i dont know what street bike you ride but the hard power hit that comes in the middle of the sv's power band comes a lot sooner on the 525 so be ready for that. Otherwise it is a great bike.
  8. fugitivracing65

    No 3rd gear

    I have also heard that ktm fixed this problem with the 06's and reworked the clutch cover etc so it softens the pressure put on those parts has anyone heard about that? I guess the 06 stuff fits right onto the 05 as well so that is what i am going to do to fix it. i will let you know if it happens again. the bike only 400 miles on it in eight months due to a broken leg. the valves were always adjusted and fresh oil. my mechanic friend said that just replacing that gear it would break again.
  9. fugitivracing65

    trx250R '86

    I have a 250r with a Ct racing 330 kit on it and it is supposed to make around 60hp on a mix of race and premium pump gas. But this was built for desert racing and this kit has won a couple baja races so your 350 should be around 65-70 horse power but get rid of that fmf pipe.
  10. fugitivracing65

    thumb vs. twist throttle

    I do a lot of desert racing and duning as well as some gran prix races. I love the thumb throttle on my TRX250r it is modified with a CT Racing 330 and etc. But i have also had a banshee with pipes jetted and filter i went off a little dune in glamis my foot slipped the peg and found its way under the rear tire when i landed. it was a stupid mistake but when i tried to pull myself back on the bike i twisted the throttle more and more and finally ended up doing barrel rolls which broke my wrist. I never had that problem with my thumb. I also have a stock 400ex which i decided to race in a desert race to keep sharp, big mistake. But i made it 180 miles on a stock 400 the thumb throttle never gave me any problems. I cannot get over the twist throttle on my dads ktm 525 it feels wrong after riding a thumb throttle for so long.
  11. fugitivracing65

    ktm intermediate gear

    ok so my 05 ktm 525exc broke two teeth off of the intermediate gear for the starter. Has anyone else had this problem. I have been told that the 06's ktm has fixed this problem. has anyone heard about this?
  12. fugitivracing65

    Ktm 525 part need help

    I need the intermediate gear for the starter for a 525exc. the part number is 59040022158. Does anyone know where i can get one in southern california today or tomorrow?
  13. fugitivracing65

    No 3rd gear

    Ok well if anyone else has this problem i figured out what it is. the intermediate gear on the electric starter broke two teeth off and found there way down into the case and was blocking the detent in the shifting linking.
  14. fugitivracing65

    No 3rd gear

    This problem developed all at once, the shift lever isn't bent or obstructed in any way. So to check if there is something stuck in the shift linkage i have to pull off the right side cover? And if something was stuck in the linkage wouldn't i have problems shifting from 1st to second?
  15. fugitivracing65

    No 3rd gear

    I have an 05 525 exc and for some reason it will not let me shift into 3rd gear or higher. Shifting between first and second is fine there is no grinding or clunking. Trying to shift into third it wont engage all the way and pushes it back to 2nd. Please help.