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  1. First, my apologies because I know that this topic is being beaten down worse than a redneck's baby's unmarried mother, but I didn't see this question on several other posts that I read: Per CA DMV guidelines, I'm close to being able to get my bike plated, but I have 1 minor issue. I have a 2001 WR250F, 8th digit of the VIN is a 3: Guideline: Off-highway motorcycles year model 2003 and newer with a “3” or “C” in the 8th position of the Vehicle Identification Number (red sticker OHVs) will not be allowed to convert. Mine is a 2001, so that shouldn't be an issue. Guideline: 1978 year model and newer with an engine 50cc and larger and an emission label indicating that it complies with U.S. EPA and/ or California regulations for on-highway use, the motorcycle CAN convert to on-highway or dual registration. Here's my problem/question: Where is the emissions sticker supposed to be located? I've looked over every square inch, including under the seat, but don't see anything. Do all bikes coming off the line have them? If, for some reason, the sticker was removed (bought it used) is there any way to replace it and if so how, where and who would I call? The last regulation is the one that scares me, because if I can't find or get my hands on that sticker I'm truly sh*t out of luck. Guideline: 1978 year model and newer with an engine 50cc and larger and no emission label, the motorcycle CANNOT convert...
  2. Newport Beach. If you know the area you'll know that parking is a nightmare on weekends and being able to jump on the bike, go where you need to go and get back w/o the worry of finding a new parking spot is priceless.
  3. Transferring over and getting CA plated is, ultimately, what I would want. That would take away virtually all concerns. I'm getting the Title switched to my name in AZ and was planning on trying to transfer over to CA after a few months (figure it might be easier w/ baby steps). In the mean time, should I be worried about getting pulled over on CA streets?
  4. So you're saying there's no chance plating in CA, that's fine. I've sent in the paperwork to keep it plated in AZ. Hopefully no issues there, I think I've covered all my bases. If I'm riding on the street in CA (with mirrors, blinkers, headlight, taillight, breaklight), not doing anything stupid and have an AZ plate am I going to run into any issues? Side note: If i do do something stupid and get pulled over am I going to run into any issues, as far as the bike is concerned? What should I expect and/or be prepared for, just incase?
  5. I'm in CA and just bought a 2001 WR250F. It currently has an AZ plate. I'm setting it up w/ quick release blinkers and mirrors. If i just renew the registration in AZ (I have a friend out there and can use his address) am i going to have any issues street-riding in CA? If i tried to transfer over and register it in CA, would I even be able to plate it out here? The 8th # in the VIN is a 3. Thanks for any help you can give.