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  1. mxdad32

    Got Me a New Bike

    Keep an eye on the header spring closest to the radiator as there have been instances where the wear a hole in the radiator. On the Motoworld team bike we have they didn't bother running that spring to make sure it would not happen. Also use the best packing you can find. I know that Dr.D has there usual packing that doesn't last more than about 5-10 hours for us and then they have packing with what looks like a 1/4" layer of tightly packed steel wool with regular packing over the top of it that lasts 15-20hrs. It doesn't cost but $5 or so more so I think it is worth it.
  2. mxdad32

    yz250F 2006 to 2008 clutch mods

    We have an 07 Motoworld team bike and it came with hinson basket and what looks like a stock hub drilled and coated with something. They removed the concave and flat washers and added some major oil grooves to the push rod. It is probably also not a stock push rod as it does not use a bearing between the two push rod pieces. The bike puts out some major HP and with HD ProCircuit clutch springs it holds up well. The stock springs would sack out on my son in less than a month. The bike also has the Dr.D wet sump kit which is supposed to help keep the clutch cool.
  3. mxdad32

    New Mototown

    The sand section feels tight on a 450. I bet DVN's 290 is perfect in there. Hopefully I have my 250 ignition issues straightened out and can start riding it again. I already replaced the stator an hat didn't do it, just put a new wiring harness and coil on as it seemed to be effected when I would move the wires around at the coil but couldn't tell which one it might be. I guess I'll find out tomorrow. I hope it's good to go as all that is left to replace is the CDI and kill button.
  4. mxdad32

    MotoTown USA

    Actually I believe it will be a movie production facility and not a theater.
  5. mxdad32

    Cairo MX track

    I wonder if I was there that day too. I was NESC amateur #74 on a Suzuki. Don't remember if that was before or after I made Expert though. I made Expert in 77 racing a mix of 100, 125 and 250 classes. I was #84j in the 100 class. My avatar is one of my last Amateur races at Middleboro.
  6. Our 09 turns better than our 08 and other than what ever might be contributed to the new swingarm/linkage changes all I an contribute it to is having the bars in the new forward hole on the upper clamps. All other susp. settings are identical. I think the bars are like 10mm farther forward in this setting than then 08 with the clamps rotated forward.
  7. mxdad32

    Dr Mark

    I will get hold of his office and get a copy. It may take a week or so to get there. Thanks
  8. mxdad32

    Dr Mark

    I also need a shoulder replacement and was wondering if there are any alternatives. I would really like to ride for another 10 years or so but the daily pain is becoming almost unbearable. I have been racing for the past 38 year and have had many injuries over that time. I really don't have any pain management other than naproxen during the day and tylenolPM at night. If I could somehow manage the pain better I believe I could hold out at least a few more years. I was told in 1992 that I would need a replacement and was managing ok with the exception of frozen shoulder until last November when I had surgery to try and reduce the frozen shoulder. My doctor repositioned my subscap to try and fix what he said was a botched repair in 1992 and things were looking good until my son experienced a TBI at the end of December. I ended up living at the hospital for the whole month of January and missed all PT other than what I could do on my own. The shoulder now has the same ROM limitations I had before the surgery but much more pain which is extending down my scapula where it is close to my spine. Any thoughts Doc. I appreciate your contribution to this forum. It is nice to be able to ask you a question without the old "aren't you a little too old to still be doing that kind of thing".
  9. mxdad32

    Rocky Hill on Sunday 8/31

    I probably won't be at Claverack as I am not racing again until my son starts racing again. It most likely won't be until next spring after what he went through. I don't want to rush it.
  10. mxdad32

    Rocky Hill on Sunday 8/31

    Ed, Mike, it was nice seeing you guys at RH last weekend. I like it when there are more old guys out there on the track than just me. See you again somewhere I'm sure.
  11. mxdad32

    Kx250f Hot Cams

    I just tried to put them in my 07. When you tighten down the auto decompressor it will not move. I sent it back and am just running the intake cam. I don't believe there is much of a difference in the exhaust cam anyway.
  12. mxdad32

    oil filters

    You must not change yours very often or you are very wealthy. I change my oil at least once a week, about every three hours on the hour meter. At six bucks a pop I'd be broke in no time. The SS filters are known to filter to a smaller micron size than paper, in theory they work better. I wash mine out with contact cleaner from the inside out and then use compressed air. I have four bikes that I maintain for my son and I and it saves a ton of money.
  13. mxdad32

    Big bore kits?

    In my 07 with Athena 290 and Dr.D pipe I am running 178 main, 45 pilot, 1 3/4 fuel screw needle is in the stock position and 48 leak jet with the linkage wired. Around sea level to 1000 ft 70-80 degrees. I may go down one more on the main when it gets warmer. Runs awesome and no problem starting hot or cold.
  14. mxdad32

    Drilling frame for Hour meter

    I have one of last years Motoworld team bikes and they had holes for an hour meter right behind the steering stem above the radiator. I mounted mine there and there doesn't seem to be any problems.
  15. mxdad32

    how is mototown

    I've seen you guys down there quite a bit. I am the old guy #32 on the Yamaha. I was also the head ref during the winter series. Tell your buddy he has my prayers for a quick recovery.