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    06 525 EXC review

    Howdy all, just a quick review for those who are looking to buy an 06 525. Well let me first say that it is NOT a hairy beast that will rip your arms off and roost every time you hit the throttle. The power is really very useable, especially down low while putting thru deep sand washes, and slow rocky stuff. I weigh 240, and it does need aftermarket springs, more in the back than the front. I've ordered em, but have not had the time to install em. I'm 6'1, and ordered a taller seat from Enduro Engineering. Great saddle...unfortunately it's just too tall, and I'll be switching back to stock. Suggest a heat guard for the exhaust or it'll melt your boot. The stock muffler is very reasonable for noise. I have a catch in the throttle cable...it is hard to turn sometimes at low throttle, will have to take it apart and see what the issue is. I wouldn't say the bike is "flickable", it's not a super porker, but it's also not a superlight bike that you just throw around the trail. The bike did overheat after being in deep sand for about a half hour. I need to get a puke tank for the radiator, that would solve the spilling over issue. Powerband is very smooth thru the whole range...you can wheelie on the top end with just throttle, but unlike other bikes it won't loft the front wheel unless you really want it to. Brakes are a bit touchy. In sand they lock up easily, so you have to be careful...especially with the rear brake. Fuel consumption is actually pretty good, I was very surprised. My friend on his Kaw 220 2 stroke had about the same gas consumption as I did. That's about all I can think of for now, feel free to fire away some questions if you want. Pat
  2. Howdy, Have an 06 525 EXC, need springs for my 230lb self. What is the quickest/best way to order fork and shock springs? Recommendations on spring #'s or rates? I am absolutely doing no business with my local dealer here in Albuquerque. Any input? Thanks
  3. Looking to find a good quiet exhaust for the 525 I just bought, concentrating on low to mid range power, anybody point me in a good direction? I ordered a scotts steering damper and upgraded triple clamp, that should be an interesting upgrade. Thanks, Pat
  4. ReconRover

    640 Adventure On Road Behavior

    Had an LC640, sold it to a pretty cool fella a few month back. He drove it from Albuquerque NM to Flagstaff, AZ. After he got there he called and let me know that he ass was probably going to need some medical attention! Bike is doable off road....though not for jumps...it's porky, and you really feel it on the whoops. Hill climbs, corners and descents, it ain't bad.....on the road....well I'm not sure it's a long distance cruiser, especially with the knobs. You'll find your self going thru a lot of travel on the front end if you accelerate in a corner, takes some getting used to. On the saddle....take it off immediately and get it restuffed with some softer material. Only negatives I found off road is that when hitting a series of whoops, sometimes the shifter would kickdown on it's own, and without a good stab of the foot, sometimes the shifting would float between gears. If I had a little more money, and truly commuted a lot, I would have kept the bike, and been really happy with it. After some additions like a sport rack, and some more HD lighting. But, I really needed a true offroad bike to throttle twist with my friends off road on the weekends. Pat
  5. ReconRover

    Hows the rukluse holding up?

    What did the unit end up costing you? Did you install it yourself? Very interested as I think it'll work out well with the New Mexico sand.
  6. ReconRover

    06 525 Exc ?

    Cheapest I've found listed for an 06 525 EXC is $6800 delivered from a dealer in IL, listed on ebay. Local dealer has an 05, but is being kind of a dick about bargaining on it. From what I've read, this $6800 is a really good deal
  7. ReconRover

    520 EXC advice

    Dual Sport bikes. Of course this is an interesting discussion. I have a Husaberg FE600E plated in NM. Bike hauls ass and the street manners aren't bad. Around town it's great, and short trips on the highway....BUT, I can tell it's not gonna last on sustained high throttle for several hours. Off road it's light, fast, and just smokes. Recently sold my KTM 640LC. Much more comfortable on the highway and in town...sits a little high, but was pretty much a big pig off road. It's rideable offroad if you aren't really heavy handed...but it is porky and the suspension will bottom on you. I would say that if you are going to go for a dual sport bike, you really should consider something legal from the dealership. A lot of the bugs will be already worked out (like cush drive inserts in the rear hub), and you won't have to mess around with an aftermarket kit, etc. If I were to look very hard at a true dual sport bike...it would most likely be the new Husky line. The guys above are right, DOT knobs are a little squirrely in a hard corner, and makes for a bit of a rough ride....and they won't hook very well off road once the knobs are rounded. Best bet is to buy two sets of wheels/rotors. You'll be much happier. Pat
  8. ReconRover

    04 525 weak I need more

    I'm looking at an 05/06 525 EXC, purchase will be in two weeks. Any recommendations on 05/06? I have a Husaberg FE 600E set up supermoto style, and it's the fastest scariest bike I've ever been on. A real hoot to rip on single track without many rocks or whoops, really scoots. I'm 240lbs, would I have to make some mods to the suspension? Thanks for any input. Pat
  9. ReconRover

    06 525 Exc ?

    Howdy all, on the fence about a decision to purchase a demo 05 525 EXC, or an 06. Of course there is a cost savings to be had. The dealer claims that it's only a graphics change for 06...but I thought I remembered reading that there was a suspension and valvetrain change as well. Any input? Thanks, Pat
  10. ReconRover

    Seeking wheelset for 01 Hberg FE 600

    Howdy all, Have a rocking almost new 01 Husaberg FE600. It's set up as a supermoto bike right now with the wide wheels. I'm looking for a set of dirt wheels, used is just fine. From what I understand, the KTM's wheels from several years fit these. Any input? Thanks for the help!!! Pat G P.S. this thing is so DAMNED FAST, holy cow!!!! ReconRover@hotmail.com
  11. ReconRover

    Welcome Husaberg enthusiasts!

    Husaberg FE600 set up a SuperMoto bike. Looking for a set of dirt wheels, help! What will fit? I understand that several of the KTM years will fill the bill. Anyone have a set of used wheels for sale? Thanks, Pat