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  1. Nick Wey you gotta love that guy hes awsome.
  2. I have an 05 and its stock except for a complete pro circuit exhaust system i was thinking about runing race gas in it but would it hurt it. i know it says to run anything higher then 93oct but i dont no.It be cool if i could get some help.
  3. There was a guy at a Michigan snowmobile show whit one of these things they had a video of it going in everything from mud too snow. I would rather go racing then ride a bike whit one of them things on.
  4. That was awsome
  5. MCR is awesome suspension. the guys out there really take care of you.they set up your suspension perfect right to your needs. They also have done a few of my buddies race sleds and they love it too.
  6. I love the vids its sweet there form MI. I was at log road the weekend of that race what a sweet track thanks for the cool post
  7. Awesome info cant wait too watch it.
  8. 06 crf450r the olny way to go
  9. I'm thinking about getting my stock rims anodized but i heard some bad things? I want to get them black but the color might not be what I'm looking for.
  10. I have tech 10 and i love them. they did not take long to break in and have saved my ankle many times.They are hard to afford but truley the best.
  11. I'm planing on checking my valves my self for the 1st time. Is there anything i should worry about or know be for i start. my bike has about 30hrs on it and 6 or 7 races.
  12. The season is comeing fast i have no clue on where to start working out.Should i be running, lifting whights, I have no clue. __________ 05 crf 450r
  13. Do the dents pop out by there self? I dont get it