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  1. dave03yz

    Suspension Swap

    Mainly the shock has some cool hard parts. The shaft has been coated, the housing has been hard anodized and it has a FC external nitrogen resevior, on top of FC only charges parts and labor for a rebuild instead of a revalve if they have done that paticular piece of suspension before, but if doesnt fit... Thats why I'm asking, might have been a really good deal IF it could have worked out. Shaun do you know what is differnent between the 2 shocks? Shaft length, overall length? The bike is getting parted out and I'm essentially getting this stuff for free if I want it, just spending some of my own time is my only cost.
  2. dave03yz

    Suspension Swap

    Howdy all, I have looked on here for an asnwer to my question but can;t really find a smoking gun. A friend of mine has suspension that has been extensively reworked by Factory Connection, the catch, is that it is on a 2009CRF250R and I have a 2007 CRF450R. So I'm wondering if the forks and shock will bolt right on or not and if so are there any hangups I need to be aware of. I'm positive the forks will bolt up no problem, but the shock is more of a question mark for me. I plan on respringing and having FC update the valving if this will work out, thanks in advance, Dave
  3. dave03yz

    Stock CRF Hub Alloy/Anodizing

    Cool, thanks for the info. I figured TCR did all but the anodizing in house, I just wasn't sure if it is an actual anodizing process or another chemical process because it is cast. I will try some local anodizers to see if they will do it. How well has your anodizing held up? Does it still look good or no?
  4. I was wondering what series alloy a stock honda crf 450r hub is made of? This is for a 2007. I have looked across the web and cannot find this info. I searched TT and no info either. I am hoping to anodize these,but, because they are cast this makes it extremely difficult. I know TCR can do this, but I dont think they do it in house, I may be wrong. I dont need or want my hubs turned down, just the color. Does any one know the actual process used? Is it an actual anodizing? I am not trying to take away buisness from TCR so if someone knows, PM me preferably. Thanks in advance, Dave:thumbsup:
  5. dave03yz

    Nevada Dual Sport Registration - DMV Not Registering

    Has anyone attempted to try and use the RD-64 sheet to register their bike? It seems if you get this filled out and signed, have the box checked that states and I quote "Vehicle was built from purchased parts/materials, receipts attached", this should be more than enough to register a bike, as it is now a kit bike. The DMV can wash their hands of any liability and I can be on my way. Or will they just pull out the 'ol VIN check and say no, due to emissions and so on and so forth. Any experience with using this form out there?
  6. dave03yz

    Nevada Dual Sport Registration - DMV Not Registering

    I'm in Vegas, has anyone tried plating a bike in Utah? St. George or Cedar City? Seems if you had a property or friend in Utah willing to let you use their address that should work for a while, better than nothing. I was reading the letter about the FMVSS "manufacturer" statement. Since the person modifying the bike becomes the bikes MFG, they ARE now the MFG of that bike/sXs correct? So can't you change the original VIN and retitle the bike with a VIN that falls into the Federal emissions BS? Not sure how the legalities of changing a VIN goes, so I'm just asking questions. Would that be considered fraud of some kind or is there a legit way to do that?
  7. Took apart my forks last week at work to install some GV's and my original shim stack order got messed up. Have on 03YZ450 w/ 46mm KYB's. Not sure what was used for the "baseplate", "base washer" or whatever you want to call it at the bottom of the base valve closest to the comp clicker. I thought it was the 18x1.0 thick washer, but like i said i'm not sure if thats correct, as i remember having a 24x.10 down there as well. Any help would be great! Thanks, Dave
  8. dave03yz

    Stock 03 YZ450 BASE VALVE setup

    Sorry its been a while since i've had to use suspension speak:prof: The race tech instructions say to put the shim stack facing down towards the "base plate". I'm not sure if they mean the bleed stack or a thick(.3 to .5mm thick) washer the same O.D. as the bottom of the BV itself(which i don't have). Had my shims all laid out at work on a clean fender cover on a bench and some one "rearranged" them for me and I can't remember what sat at the bottom of the compression shim stack, at the base of the entire stack closest to the comp clicker. The race tech instructions seem really vague to me and only say to stack the new comp shims on the "baseplate". Not sure if they're using different terms for the same stuff. I talked to race tech today and the guy i talked to sounded like he was reading right out the same manual I have, not much help . If anyone has put Race tech in there KYB's, some help would be great!
  9. In the process of putting some race tech in my forks, using 46mm KYB's (say what you will, got a smoking deal and trying my options w/ these forks). I "revalved" the stock pistons a few years ago w/ some help from other tt'ers and worked ok for awhile. Took the forks apart last week and lost the order of my shim stack. Seems i was using something different for the "baseplate" than maybe i should have been, not sure:confused: . Just want to know what size shim or washer was used for the "baseplate" in that KYB, so I can get these BV's back together and see if race tech is all its supposed to be. Thanks, Dave
  10. dave03yz

    WR tranny in YZ? - revisited

    Yeah of course a lower 1st is benificial in the tight technical tuff. I suppose I was generally speaking of the riding I do. When I do get in to single track and nasty little rocky uphills I swear by that first gear. Also when I posted that I think I had the trans in for about a week or 2 and hadn't really had a chance to explore all the goodness the wr trans has. Still an excellent swap IMO but, like I said if all you ride is mx, stay w/ the 4spd.
  11. dave03yz

    moving to Mesa, need track info.

    It's a far drive from Mesa, but Canyon Raceway in tha far North end of Phoenix has a pee-wee practice session, it's on the big track but it is safe for the wee ones. Other than ET-motopark there is a track in Eloy down I-17 halfway to Tuscon, never ridden it but my nieghbor says it's got some pretty big jumps, maybe not what you are looking for. Also Speedworld which is closer to Canyon Raceway is a decent track, but it is also the most well known in the area, which=the most crowded. There are more tracks around and that website should list them all. As far as desert riding goes, my paticlar favorite spot is in North Scottsdale near Bartlet lake. A bit of every thing, wide open sand washes, hill climbs, single track, dual track, tons of area to go exploring in. It's very easy to not ride the same trail twice! The cops and rangers are pretty cool up there too, just don't EVER ride on the roads without plates. PM me if you need directions to the Bartlet area, Have fun, Dave
  12. dave03yz

    Need Some Help w/ My MID-VALVE!!!

    Chrismxer, I've been looking into the FVO sub-tanks, seems to me the design is a little better than the Enzo tanks. Any experience w/ the FVO tanks? What are you using now? I would still rather get the valving correct first, but it makes no sense to valve for no tanks, buy the tanks, then take it all back apart to revalve. DaveJ, so what you are saying is that even if I put more preload on the spring and take more shims out of the MV stack, it won't really make a difference (unless I give the stack more float)? Which, then it is still limited in how well it can perform. If I am not understanding this please let me know, I'm am still getting used to some of the terminology for FORK SPEAK. HMMM... adapting some Showas to my bike sounds pretty good right now. Another thing. I am not sure where to even get parts(internal, i.e. shims, springs, washers/spacers for preloading the float spring) for these forks, other than a dealer, which seems pricy. Maybe Enzo? But even that does not seem inexspensive. DaveJ, do you machine your parts own for these forks? Other than modifying the stock pistions? I am also assuiming that since no one really mentions messing with the rebound stack that it is OK in stock trim or basically not worth messing with? Forgive me if my thoughts are sporadic, just alot for me to think about since this is new terrirtory for me. I am also guessing that the float spring is the bigger spring that is basically "threaded" onto the base of the rod, not the little tiny spring in the cup in the MV shim stack. Thanks for the input, Dave
  13. dave03yz

    Need Some Help w/ My MID-VALVE!!!

    DaveJ, Chrismxer I have read(and greatly respect your knoweldge about suspension(read your comp/rebound isolated fork threads, good stuff) so your input is greatly appreciated). I am completely interseted in learning all that I can about this fork. I know that it is not a "junk" fork, but I know it can be made better, and that is what I want. I am a DIY type and cost is an issue, so I would rather "re-valve" my own stuff than pay to have someone move my stock shims around until I like it. TT member Rcannon has been a huge help in getting me on the right track, but it seems to me that you have a CNC on your hands? And do your own work? My point being, I read that it is not a good thing to change the MV to a check plate(which I will not do) and it seems you have a good knowledge how to alter the shim stack. So any help that you could provide would be awesome. I'm not asking you to hold my hand, but any input is great. I am also looking into to some FVO subtanks, but I would rather get the fork working "properly" before I get subtanks. Maybe I could make my own subtanks? I've heard bad and good about DIY sub-tanks. Please, let me know all that you have to offer, Thanks again, Dave
  14. dave03yz

    WR tranny in YZ? - revisited

    OK................................Hopefully this should be the last post on this stickicky!!! YES, you can put a WR(04-05) 5spd trans in a '03-'05 YZ450F.(WITH NO MODIFCATIONS TO ANYTHING) If you do desert or high speed applications, this is an excellent swap. If you do not do any type of riding over 75+mph(SX&MX riding) than this is not a big deal. Honestly and personally I LOVE the 4spd, but I run out of gear in the desert, so I made the swap. I put a GPS unit set for TOP SPEED in my camelback and opened it up on asphault getting my bike up to 92.2 MPH before I HAD to let off(not even near the rev-limiter). I am using a 14/50 sprocket setup with a bone stock motor, so top speed is NOT an issue. I'm sure tapped out this engine could reach about 94-95MPH with my current gearing(yes the GPS I was using is accurate). For about $650-$700 bones, this an excellent swap, but be honest and realistic with yourself. DO YOU NEED or WILL YOU BENEFIT from this swap? If anyone ever has any questions about this mod please ask, I am more than happy to help you out. It is really not that hard to do!!!
  15. I have my forks COMPLETEY disassembled on my bench and I am looking to make the stock mid-valve perform a little better. The forks are on an '03 yzf450, they are the stock 46mm kyb's. I weigh 165lbs.(no gear) and mix it up between MX and off road. I am looking to the fork more plush and over all smootherthrough the stroke,but, I still need some bottoming resistance. The track I ride REALLY beats me up with the stock forks, but I can take my freinds CRF out and spin twice as many laps on his bike . , so it's time to do something about this. Does anyone have any suggestions on a good stack to run? Also there are 2 shim stacks, I am guessing the stack at the base of the rod is the mid valve stack and then above it is the rebound stack? I also do not want to turn the midvalve into a checkplate. . Is there a corresponding BV stack I should run with a altered MV stack? I'm shooting in the dark on how to make this perform better, so any feedback would be great. I'm in a rush so I'm sure I forgot to mention some things. Also are there any high wear items i should pay close attention to or replace while i'm in there? I already have new bushings. Thanks in advance Dave