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  1. rthmotorsports

    Which Bike?????

    Looking at a few Motards not familar with them, so i am hoping to get soem help. First is the KTM SMC 690, the Duke 690, or a Husky 510 or 610. Anyone have any comments????? Bill
  2. rthmotorsports

    Motor Problems

    Was reading alot about base gaskets, whats the deal? which gasketis it, why is it going? bill
  3. rthmotorsports

    Drz 400 Sm Mods

    ok, buying a 400 SM, want, wait, NEED more power. What is the best way and who's stuff should I use? Big Bore? Cam? Can you use 450 Cams? Carb? Replace or rejet? Full Exhaust? Intake? Also, what kinda of reliable power can you get out of them? Thanks, Bill