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  1. 2whlrcr

    Spangler Hills Contest 12/9/06 Part I

    This is Patrick Smage from Elkhorn, WI. He has come to my place to ride, since we have terrain that can challenge him. See my past posts.
  2. 2whlrcr

    Illinois area Woods riders???

    Were they good comments?
  3. 2whlrcr

    Engine noise on a 2006 CRF250X after 100 miles

    Do you hear the noise at low RPM when under a load? And then it goes away after you hit the midrange? If so, it's a loose chain. I tighten mine to two fingers of slack and by the time it stretches to three fingers, it starts to rattle again.
  4. 2whlrcr

    Stronger and Lighter...

    I'm a Senior A rider, actually Super Senior, but I was Sen A and race against the A's in both hare scrambles and enduros. I consistently get good starts. Rarely any further back than fifth or six place on a 20-40 rider starting line. This is against bikes of all sizes, two and four strokes. I have had one hole shot and a bunch of 3rds and 4ths to the woods section. The only time I am lacking in power is, if the start is very loose sand or extremely long where your hitting 4th or 5th gear before slowing down for the woods or a turn. I kick start the bike, because the button has too much lag for a good dead engine start. After the race starts, I use the button anytime I might kill it. My bike is stock except for the CC mods. I run the stock pipe and silencer, because I want my bike quiet. Plus I can sneak up on guys. It's easier to pass, if they don't know your coming. Our events are typical tight eastern woods style. Mainly 1st, 2nd and 3rd gear trails with an occasional field crossing. Even in the open sections, I don't loose much ground on the big bores and can make it up quickly in the woods. These bikes are great woods racers. I would rather ride the X with the button, than an R. The first time you dump one over and spend 30 seconds and bunch of energy trying to kick it too life, you've just wasted any time you've made, because the R was a little bit faster. I'm 185lbs without gear, so I'm no featherweight, but I'm not fat either. If you weigh a bunch over 200lb, I'd say the rider needs the diet more than the bike.
  5. 2whlrcr

    Illinois area Woods riders???

    I never get invited to go anywhere either, except BR.
  6. 2whlrcr

    SAT. K-burg ride??? 12-16

    I'm always in for a definate maybe.
  7. 2whlrcr

    Iowa area Woods / Trail riders????

    Yes, I too like the new gentler, kinder, helpful, boy scoutish forum. If I may suggest, the snow line in eastern Iowa is Hwy 30. South snow, north tropical riding weather. Except for where they make artificial snow. Have a nice day.
  8. 2whlrcr

    Illinois area Woods riders???

    I bet their big enough for a trials bike.
  9. 2whlrcr

    Illinois area Woods riders???

    I thougt you were all riding at Taco's new indoor emporium?
  10. 2whlrcr

    Iowa area Woods / Trail riders????

    I am today. Just got in from shredding the boards this morning. Quick lunch break and back out on the trials bike this afternoon. We can do that in Iowa and the CO guys think they have all the fun. Have you noticed it's been kinda of quiet around here lately?
  11. 2whlrcr

    KTM 450 EXC or Aprilia RXV 450

    You have answered your own question. I have a friend who has owned three Aprilia street bikes. Minor issues with all three and the resale sucks. If you want something no one else has, you pay for it. And yes, I've owned an Aprilia too.
  12. 2whlrcr

    Scared about valve issue, how real, should I sell....

    I've got about 50 hours of race and fast trail ride hours. I ride enduros and hare scrambles and am a slow A rider. I have adjusted my valves once at about 20 hours. They have not moved since. Tight single track around here, with plenty of open field crossing too. I have never hit the rev limiter, as far as I know. I shift before I wring it out too much. Oil changed every other ride or about 4-5 hours. No issues.
  13. 2whlrcr

    Keithsburg Saturday 12/9?

    Do you ever work Fridays? You might still need studded tires. Could be a lot of ice in the bottom of the woops. How does it feel to be a free man again?
  14. 2whlrcr

    Beta or Gas Gas or Montesa

    Jim, this is a "TRIALS" forum, not trails. That 450 would be handful in a trials section.
  15. 2whlrcr

    OSSA 350 Any good ?

    I think everybody prefers the 250's, both Ossa and Bultaco. The 350's just rev too slow. Doesn't mean that they are junk, just a little less desirable than the 250's. Ride it, have fun.