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  1. See-Are-Ef-Too-Thir-T-Ef

    crf fuel injection

    Wow I remember back in my prime here 42hp out of a 250 was a huge deal!!! How things have changed...
  2. See-Are-Ef-Too-Thir-T-Ef

    Any good riding near Page/Lake Powell?

    I've done the Page harescramble a couple of times and it kicks everyones ass every year. The deep sugar sand is really hard to ride in and everything is whooped out. Definitely scenic, but a pain in the ass to ride in.
  3. See-Are-Ef-Too-Thir-T-Ef

    R 6.0 diesels really that bad?

    I don't think any of those go-kart parts would hold up under the brute power of a 5.9!! just messin I would never own a 6 . oh no. People say the 05s are good but still wouldn't chance it on a truck that needs its cab pulled off to get to the head gasket. Our 07' ram 2500 5.9 CTD has been super solid besides the H46 front end recall which was free and then I smoked the torque converter with the programmer turned up to 100 hp towing heavy. The kind we got though is untraceable so we got it repaired under warranty. Didn't expect it to deal with 810 ft-lbs of torque nicely anyway thats ridiculous but its a blast to drive around town. I have slayed quite a few sports cars with a 7500 lb truck.
  4. See-Are-Ef-Too-Thir-T-Ef

    First truck.

    Well by adding the TST and MP8 your warranty is out for the powertrain because the dealers scanner will pick it up. There is also a decent chance that one of the injectors is already cracked or will be because the MP8 adds a lot of rail pressure. $450 per injector sucks to replace. Also interesting that he never mentioned gauges. Theres a good chance that hes been smoking around town at 1600* EGTs and melting piston tops and damaging the turbo because the TST and MP8 fuel so hot. The clutch is probably shot too because stock they will not hold more than 75 extra hp. I own a CTD thats why I am telling you not to buy this truck. If you really have to have a diesel, look for a nice 94-98 12 valve CTD or pre-2004 7.3 pstroke. Both will cost you much less in the long run.
  5. See-Are-Ef-Too-Thir-T-Ef

    HP difference 200 and 300

    I test rode some 09's in January, the 200 revs so quick that it hits hard(er) and runs fast on the top end. A little faster than my 250f. Rode the 250 and it was great. 50 cc's really smoothed out the power band and pulled slightly harder on the top but real close to the 200. Still revs quick. didn't get a ride on the 300
  6. See-Are-Ef-Too-Thir-T-Ef

    Horsepower....getting rediculous

    Agreed. I had a 100hp tune on my 325 hp 5.9 turbo diesel but it only put out 376 hp to the wheels. The tune was truly 100hp but the start point after all of the parasitic friction was like 270.
  7. See-Are-Ef-Too-Thir-T-Ef

    My ugly old pick 'em up truck

    Put some classic alloys on that thing and you will be rollin pimp. I would drive it over a 90 yota anytime, but new rims will go far on this I believe.
  8. See-Are-Ef-Too-Thir-T-Ef

    Prescott Dual Sport Rider Missing

    I ride alone all the time but I always bring a phone and a GPS unit that has a 911 call on it.
  9. See-Are-Ef-Too-Thir-T-Ef

    Young Engineer Here

    Dang man my intro ME classes are boring right now. The prof is cool and the stuff he has done is cool but writing out project charts is kind of boring. Am I going to be stuck in front of a desk all day if I go on with ME?
  10. See-Are-Ef-Too-Thir-T-Ef

    Just got my ship date

    Dont worry my exhaust valve and piston banged each other hard and the valve bent his stem!!!!
  11. See-Are-Ef-Too-Thir-T-Ef

    A special thanks to EBECK!

    nice man, ebeck sorry i never messaged you back. things got crazy when i moved down here to ASU . carry on...
  12. See-Are-Ef-Too-Thir-T-Ef

    Bodybuilding supplements???

    diet is your issue. If you're not gaining weight than its pretty unreasonable to expect to get bigger. Unless you are quite chubby, you will always have to gain weight to gain mass. If you want to be a cut guy with size, gain 15lb over your target weight and then cut down to it with a cleaner diet. I gained 50 lbs on squat and 25 lbs on bench in a month with bill starrs 5x5. But I hit a wall because I wasn't gaining much. If the scale isn't moving, eat more, simple equation really.
  13. See-Are-Ef-Too-Thir-T-Ef

    kawi riders!!! retiree at kellys

    A lot of those guys were cool and they do have an odd habit of shit canning people but the guts of the business are much better now. Sean is the bomb with parts.
  14. See-Are-Ef-Too-Thir-T-Ef

    burning lots of oil again

    Sounds a little aggressive for valve seals. Can't believe you are on stock valves still.
  15. See-Are-Ef-Too-Thir-T-Ef

    13.5:1 and jetting

    Try a 168 at first for the main. 42 for pilot. We also need to know the needle clip setting.