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  1. AZcrRider

    If you own a 2 stroke,please reply once.

    04 RM250 ( used to ride an 07 YZ450).
  2. AZcrRider

    2010 YZ450F Weight Issue

    You are comparing a dry weight with a wet weight. ( That is the wet weight for '10 YZ). You don't feel the weight when you ride it. It actually feels a smidge lighter than an '09. Add oil, water, and gas to the RM and you will probably end up around 240. Yes, it weighs 7 lbs more than an '09, but don't judge the weight till you've ridden it. Also, don't run out of gas on it, as my friend found out this week. It will not pop or backfire to give you any warning whatsoever - it will just quit!
  3. AZcrRider

    Bought new tires...

    Here is a trick - a little bit of grease ( only on the very bottom of the bead). Too late for this trick after the tire is already mounted, tho. Real soapy water on the side of the bead. Some fresh 409 spray or equivalent works well. Even if it won't pop out. No worries. After the first ride, by bet is that the bead is completely seated. At least if you ride motocross and leave it on the high side of the pressure spectrum. Sure, a tire can be done in 20-30 minutes, but I clean it up real good and don't like pinching tubes so I take my time and usually end up alot saner.
  4. AZcrRider

    Getting an 04 250 on Saturday

    The manual actually calls for 30 to 1. All manuals seem to be on the conservative side. If you went by the manual, yoiu would replace your piston every 10 hrs, your rings every 6, and adjust your chain every 30 minutes. Manual are written, in part, to protect the manufacturer. Jetting per the jetting chart, and your altitude/temp( sticky on this forum) would call for a 166.9 Main jet, ( stock needle - 2nd from top), and a 46 pilot. 1.5 turns ou on the airscrew. They don't make those actual sizes ( especially the Main jet), but I would round up as a starting point. You will want to check it all and see what you have in there, for sure - it is probably close enough but you want to know what you have before you any jetting adjustments. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=749204&page=2 Have fun.
  5. AZcrRider

    Getting an 04 250 on Saturday

    I have an 04 as well. I have always run 32 to 1. Why risk it. A leaner oil mixture will actually richen up the jetting. I am about 2000 ft., and in about 70 degree temps right now, and am running a 162 main, NEDJ on the second clip down, and I think there is a 48 pilot in there. Air screw is 1.5 out. I am using regular 91 octane. I believe this is FMF's jetting recommendations at sea level -1500, with half race gas, but I haven't heard any pinging. Mine runs great all the way through the range, but I have yet to look at the plug, so we'll see.
  6. AZcrRider

    "Looky" what I brought home today!

    Hey, I am a 2 stroke fan too. But I will tell you, it starts easy enough. The first 4 kicks, when cold are needed, I am told, but I am not a recent 4 stroke rider, and it always started for me on the first or second kick. It is fuel injected. Don't touch the gas - Stick to the routine. It seems harder to stall in a corner, but that is just my impression. I never killed it where I might have stalled my 07 450. If you are a 4 stroke rider, I don't think you will find it anymore tempermental than any other 4 stroke. If you are a 2 stroke rider going to a '10 YZ450, you might be in for a shock. It is alot faster than a YZ250 and turns better. That is just my opinion, but I have ridden both. That should be worth some R&D $. I will always ride 2 strokes, but don't knock it until you've tried it.
  7. AZcrRider

    Ride Report - 2010 YZ450

    I have to add a couple more positives - -Slightly opaque lower gas tank so you can see when you are low on gas. -solid black lower shrouds with no graphics and textured for grip. -The grayed triples and lower fork look real nice. And the bike is not hard to start, it is just a more exact starting procedure. It could be my imagination, but the bike seems harder to stall as well - maybe because of the crank relocation? or possible the fuel injection vs carb. If I had to pick it apart ( in stock form), I would say it has a little too much power off the bottom, the air filter takes more steps to clean, and it needs a skid plate. The teeny stock glide plate is almost pointless. Now if it just came with A-60's?
  8. AZcrRider

    Ride Report - 2010 YZ450

    I would agree. Got to ride my friends bike today at Firebird MX in Phoenix, and was very impressed. Sag for him needed tightened a couple turns, and it was good to go. He is about 175-180. Very quick throttle response, and great rear wheel hook up. Very balanced, and the suspension felt every bit as good as the '09 - a bit firmer possibly, but the suspension might have a little bit more break in time. We clicked up the rear H-C one click and slowed down the front rebound one click. It turns very quick and will stay there if you don't raise the front wheel with too much throttle. A small blip will help you over shoot everything on the track. Brakes, ergos, all very good. More "thump" compared to 07-09 versions, but still an electric metering of power. Alot of power down low, and if you want more you don't have to turn the throttle much more. A 1/4 inch will do. Giving it some more throttle free play is a good idea to start. Less engine breaking than previous models, so going into a corner a little hot will require more brake / clutch action. This is not a vet beginner's lazy-riding 4 stroke, at least with the mapping in stock form. This bike, in stock form, will wear you a little quicker than the 09. You have to kick the bike few times to "charge" it when cold, and then it starts right up. If it was just running, 1 or 2 kicks will do it. It has a cold start that makes a whistiling sound up front ( by the intake ) until it is shut off. No petcock. Don't blip the throttle when starting, I am told. The bike feels a little heavy off the stand, but you have to get it over about 20 degrees before you feel it, probably because of the well planned weight distribution. It does not feel heavy on the track at all. If anything I would say it feels a couple lbs lighter than the 09. I wouldn't say like a 250F, but I would definitely say that the extra 7 lbs is not a factor. Also, the bike is very quiet. I think? around 94DB ? It was quiet for sure, even quieter than my 07 in stock form. That is all I have after 3 laps, but I do get rides on each year, and I did have an 07. Yamaha did their homework once again.
  9. AZcrRider

    Anybody tried a 2-stroke after years of 4-strokes?

    Me too. I rode 4 strokes for 5 years, and went back. Way more fun, and cheaper to keep as a bonus. So I lose a couple seconds a lap - no one is reducing my pay for it ! Turning is twice as fun on a 2 stoke, but I am biased.
  10. AZcrRider

    Just got a phone call about my 2010.....

    He took a pic from his living room. Yes, it is in his living room. Smart guy. They are finally in AZ, apparently. Might get a couple laps on it on Sat.
  11. AZcrRider

    Just got a phone call about my 2010.....

    My riding buddy just got his in as well. He is picking it up tomorrow night in Sierra Vista, AZ. I might get spin on it on Sat., and will post a ride report if so. ( I can't count on getting a ride on "the unicorn") I will take some pics on Sat. as well.
  12. Check your spark plug once in a while, it seems mine was really loose and this seemed to lean up the mixture ( alot), as it pulled alot of extra into the cylinder before each firing stroke. It was jetted a little lean, but...not this lean!
  13. AZcrRider

    craked tank near the sub frame

    Hate to say it but...even plastic has a life span. The bike is almost 10 years old. I know yamaha had some issues with tanks cracking even sooner. Forgot the years / models but it was around then? Have you checked EBAY of aftermarket?
  14. AZcrRider

    Keep CR250 or get 250SX???

    You've only ridden 15 hours in 1 year? That's crazy. If you only ride that much, keep the Honda. If you want to ride more, buy the KTM. At least that is my take on the situation.
  15. AZcrRider

    taking care of 09 yz450f

    Agree with above post on fresh oil & air filter, but not a power washing fan. Other things sometimes neglected: -Check valves on a regular basis, maybe every 12 rides to start, and adjust inspections accordingly. - Lube the linkage, swingarm, steering stem on a regular basis. - check your spoke tension and rear sprocket nuts after every ride. - After no more than a year, measure your clutch plate tolerances. More often if you are a clutch abuser. - I would replace the timing chain, piston , & rings every hundred hours. - Replace your fork oil/seals before they start leaking if you can. Why wait for better performace. Fresh shock oil/ inspection every 8-12 mos. - Replace your chain/sprockets before teeth start coming off, and inspect and replace your chain slider(s) accordingly. YZ chain sliders will wear on the swing arm - do a search in this forum for some good fixes. - Fresh spark plug every year. Thats the small stuff I check to keep a bike feeling new - looking new is another topic, and my list is just that - opinion.