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  1. I bought an '07 250x in april, only rode it once and it has sat in the garage except for a few times that I have taken it for a stroll around the block. last week when I went out to start it, it was very sluggish, so I put the charger on it when I was done, I took it off sunday, and yesterday went to start it and its dead. Is it just a bad battery or could there be a short or something causing it to drain. I would like to figure out, headed to colorado with it next week, and do have a plug in at the hotel to charge every night. If anyone could chime in and let me know if they have had a problem like this on a brand new bike. or of there are any suggestions let me know I'm clueless and desparate for an answer. only 1 week till I lock it in the trailer and hit the road.
  2. What oil filter do all of you use? My stock mesh one is looking bad, the wires are coming undone, and I don't trust it anymore. I would search but the search feature is temporarly disabled due to high traffic.
  3. I needed the circumference around the tire. I found a cool web site to solve it off of my tire size.
  4. Sounds easy but it's not that easy. I just bought a trail tech endurance computer. I need to know the wheel size, that means around the front tire, it needs to be in mm. It suggests mark the floor and tire at the start of a revolution and the end then measuring, but it to darn cold outside to do that so I was going to see if any of you had any clue!
  5. hey thanks for all your help guys I got it figured out today and it is running like a champ!!! I can't wait to get it on the trails this weekend!!!
  6. ok I'm turning into a bit of a pain but I want to get the right jet off of the web site, what model carb is this?
  7. ok next question, The pilot jet doesn't have a slot for the screw driver and I can't back it out with plyers, what next?
  8. so what size jets should I be running? I bought a 42 pilot and I think I need a 132 main, Where can I purchase these online?
  9. its a 225 ok well he gve me 2 130's then, I'm assuming that they are the pilot jets.
  10. Is there any easy way to tell what jet is what? Or what size it is? I purchased a bike and the guy gave me 2 jets unlabled. My bike is running to rich so O figured I'd change them but I don't know what to put in. I'm in kansas at sea level, so From what I've een looking at I could probably put in a 42.5 main, and a 132.5 pilot? Oh I've got a big gun race exhaust and I opened the intake up. What do you guys think?
  11. how hard would it be to advance the timing on these bikes to accept and run better on the high octane? Has anyone done this.
  12. well this morning I drained the gas cleaned the carb and changed the spark plug, I also removed the snorkle. All seems fine running well, but I can't really open it up in the neighborhood. The bad thing is that it is 30 degrees colder than it was yesterday so it naturually leans the mix out. Hopefully I will get a good chance to run it this weekend and figure it out.
  13. thats what it looks like minus the wet part, I put a new plug in monday, after running the bike for about 4 hours tuesday the plug is already turning black. I'm new to the bike thing so I'll give the carb cleaning a shot, I might open up the are box and see if that helps to lean it out.
  14. what do you look for on the plug to show that it is runnig rich?
  15. I know theres a tread for a ttr90 with the same problem but I figured I'd post anyway since my bike is a bit different. I purchased the bike last week, it is in perfect condition other than the way it is running. I'm thinking it is a combo of bad gas and dirty carb, but what gets me is if I start it and warm it up then take a spin it is fine, it only starts cutting out after it has ran for more than 30 min. It has a big gun race exhaust and the proper jet to make it run right so I think. the bike starts up very quickly with the electric start. I'm thinking that I'll drain the gas and clean the carb tommarrow, what you you guys think? Is there anything else I should do?