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  1. DPW

    help me choose a handlebar bend.

    ok...sorry didn't realize Renthal had a windham bend too, makes sense now
  2. DPW

    help me choose a handlebar bend.

    windham protapers are 1 1/8" sticking with 7/8" my pick would be Renthal Jimmy Button Bend...
  3. DPW

    Head cover color 08 YZ450

    '08 valve cover silver>>> http://www.vitalmx.com/photos/features/First-Look-2008-Yamaha-YZ450F,1825/First-Look-2008-Yamaha-YZ450F-1,6156/GuyB,64 '09 valve cover black >>>http://www.vitalmx.com/photos/features/2009-Yamaha-YZ450F,3317/2009-Yamaha-YZ450F,12667/GuyB,64 the difference visually quick glance between the '08 and '09 is minimal other then valve cover and swingarm linkage
  4. DPW

    2012 yz250f

  5. DPW

    11 years, 325ccs, 5 valves later...

    should help>> http://www.hdmoto.com/ProductDetails.asp?ProductCode=YZF450SLR and while you are at it>>>http://www.yamaha-motor.com/sport/accessories/acscitemdetail/5/348/1218/5375/all/all/4335/0/detail.aspx
  6. DPW

    Finally got my bike together

    what's the story with the older swingarm? looks good..
  7. DPW

    Good deal? 2009 YZ450F

    same deal in north Texas....if not more
  8. DPW

    2009 Yz450f top speed

    hope you have one of these
  9. DPW

    More snap please

    ^^^^ I agree with the exhaust system, haven't tried the cdi yet...
  10. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=330758&page=5 check out "jeepincameron" posts
  11. http://www.akrapovic.com/motorcycle-exhaust/products/yamaha/model/yz-450-f-2010-2011/racing-8204d35b10/
  12. DPW

    Powerbomb worth it?

    I think an '08...if that is the case I'd go with a full exhaust system if you are looking for more power. header only won't make much difference..
  13. DPW

    2011 YZ450F Exhaust Dent

    factory dent....since '98...
  14. DPW

    06 yz450f silencer

    the future...
  15. DPW

    Threaded oil drain plug :-(