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  1. trxrider

    Honda venom big bore kit

    does anyone know if venom makes a 500 kit for the trx450r 2004? if so how much?
  2. trxrider

    make a trx450r into a 500

    what big bore kit would be the best?
  3. trxrider

    Honda make a trx450r into a 500

    i have a trx450r and need to make it a 500. resleeve or cylinder kit which would be better?
  4. yes i have trx450r and have a 11.1 piston and want to resleeve it to a 500 and want to know where i can get this sleeve. and if anyone has a honda foreman 500 clutch tool please let me know thanks.
  5. trxrider

    broken side cases

    if you are starting in gear dont do it start it in neutral. this should keep the pressure off the case. try this see if it works.
  6. trxrider

    good sounding pipe

    trinity stage four sounds really good
  7. trxrider

    trx450r crank bearings

    i have a 04 450r and i had it for year i was racing it stated knocking then it just died the kick starter would not budge.
  8. trxrider

    04 gas tank

    yes it should bolt right on
  9. trxrider

    trx450r problems..clicking sounds

    well i have a trx 450r too and it made a cliking noise one time while i was riding it and it just died and locked up and i hade to rubuild the whole moter and buy a new cranks so i would advise not to ride until you get rid of the cliking noise
  10. trxrider

    Jetting A TRX450R

    you should try a 128