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    X or R?

    I think i am going to be going with the R. It seems like the better bet. A little lighter (not by much). I think after i get the R and ride the MX, i may try and go for the heavier clutch. I mean i have ridden Yamaha Banshee for years and i am used to shifting. What does everyone think about the 250 vs. 450. Is it better to learn and then upgrade or better to learn and struggle a little while with the Bigger one. (I am 22, 175lb, 6'0")
  2. iukaman420

    X or R?

    Is there a diffrent maintenance schedule between the X and R? LIke does one have a larger oil capacity than the other?
  3. iukaman420

    X or R?

    I am sure this question has been beatin around alot. I am a newbie to the bike. I have ridden them off and on when my brothers let me since i was 4 (i am 22 now) I have ridden fourwheelers all these years and have finally decided to switch. What pushed me over was playing around on a MX track. I do mainly alot trail riding but would like to get into the MX stuff also. Now the question. Can anyone help me out which would be better for me, should i get the 250x or r? I have no clue what all is different about it. I have been told the maintinance schedule is different. Can you fill me in on this? Any info would help a great deal! Thanks to everyone in advance! ~WJT p.s. - What is the difference between getting the 05 vs. 06 or any other year. Like are there recent years i should stay away from?