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  1. kitimatbc

    New KLX300R or New CRF250X?

    I've owned both bikes, plus a XR200, XR250, YZ250F, and the Honda CRF250X is a much better bike than the KLX300, in my opinion. Better suspension, lighter weight, better ergonomics, etc., etc.......and e-start. The KLX does have one advantage, it is easier to get to the carburator. Regards, Kitimatbc
  2. kitimatbc

    Pink Wire Mod

    I recently purchased a 2005 CRF250X (had 10hrs on it) and have done a few modifications, but was wondering if the Pink Wire mod has any documented improvements, like different ignition curve, etc. I've installed the K-dub switch (like Ramsey), pulled the wire to the back of the bike, but never did the actual Pink Wire switch. Just wanted to get some feedback. Also, will the additional wire distance (up to the bars and back......electrical resistance) have any effect? I ride tight trails and some open areas and more snap in the open areas would be nice (K-dub switch). Thanks, Kitimatbc
  3. kitimatbc

    CRF header with 250x

    White Stallion, I'd like to keep as much low end torque as I can, while also increasing HP. I've cut the air box and drilled out the front plate on the muffler insert (similar to Ramsey in Colorado), and I'm keeping the muffler. Also planning on installing a 55 leak jet, 150 main and 42 pilot, and moving the needle clip to the 4th or 5th slot from the top. You mentioned that you installed a CRF250 pipe onto your 250x, to keep low-end torque. Would this be the header pipe (off of the cyclinder head) or the muffler (which holds the spark arresting insert)? I find the automotive terms a little less confussing, since some bike riders will call these things headers and pipes and I'm never 100% sure what they mean. Thanks, Kitimatbc
  4. kitimatbc

    CRF header with 250x

    I recently purchased a 2005 250x (sold my YZ250F) and was wondering if the CRF250 header will work with my stock 250x muffler? I'd like to get a few more ponies out of the girl, but not spend a fortune. Near new CRF250 header pipes can be purchased faily inexpensively. I will say that the Honda carburator is a lot more challenging to get to than what's on the blue team. Thanks, kitimatbc
  5. kitimatbc

    Best Carb Mods for 04 YZ250F

    I would say that the engine is lagging. Will be picking up the 04 yami this evening..... kitimatbc
  6. I'm serriously considering purchasing a used 2004 YZ250F. This will be my first Yamaha (have owned a KLX300 and XR250). This bike seems to have a little bit of throttle lag from idle to about 1/8 throttle What can I do to minimize throttle lag? What's the best added weight for a flywheel? I'll be using it for serious woods riding only. The bike is very clean, low hours and is stock except for having ProTaper bars, O-ring chain and suspension set up for a 210 pounder. Also would like to know what I need to do to get a front light in the thing (70 watts) Regards, barlow102
  7. kitimatbc

    KLX 300 bog with Mikuni 33 pumper

    Borsy, et al, Thanks for your input.... Jetted the 33pumper carb 45/142.5 and turned the mixture screw out two-turns. Runs great. Had an opportunity to take it out Friday (first time on this bike) and the engine ran like a champ.............when I could finally get it started. Looks like I'll need to contact Brewster to see if the ACR mod is available. The engine has plenty of compression and I need to put some weight into getting past TDC. Also notice a slight grind noise every now and then when trying to kick start (assuming its the idler gear). Need to see what its going to take to correct some of the issues (notchy gear, ACR mod, idler gear maybe, suspension). Tally ho kitimatbc
  8. How much cam-chain noise should a year 2000 KLX300 make? Are there any articles on adjusting the chain tensioner and how to determine if the chain is stretched beyond the capacity of the tensioner? The repair manual that came with the bike is kind of sparse regarding this issue. This is my first KLX300 and has more internal engine noise than my XR250. Also, where can I locate replacement springs (forks and shock)? My 220 lbs doesn't agree with the suspension (I'm assuming that it's stock). Regards, Kitmatbc
  9. kitimatbc

    KLX 300 bog with Mikuni 33 pumper

    Alberta, I'm originally from Kitimat (many years ago, or so it seems) and thought it would be a unigue login name. Never thought someone would find the place........... kitimatbc
  10. kitimatbc

    KLX 300 bog with Mikuni 33 pumper

    I warmed up the bike and then rode around..... Was also using premium fuel, but still had some bog with a quick snap off of idle. With a few more revs, then the bog was not there. I'm still a little confussed regarding the Keihin34 carb and the optional jetting kits. The Keihin34 carb I have, came with 32/130 jetting and I don't know what the needle size is since I haven't pulled that portion of the carburator apart yet (and I'm not sure if they come with stamped numbers on them like the jets do). Would the stock needle, in a Keihin34 be a N1TC, or is this what comes with a kit? An article by Hobbs, Weiner and Roeseler, listed the parts that are needed to jet the Keihin34 carb (45/160 w/ N1TC needle, clip and seat) and I'm trying to determine what I have and what I'll need fomopower (if the Mikuni33 pumper doesn't satisfy). Regards, kitimatbc
  11. kitimatbc

    KLX 300 bog with Mikuni 33 pumper

    Brewster, I'll try adjusting the 33Mikuni pumper delivery rate and see if that makes a difference. I am also thinking of doing a jet kit for the 34Keihin and comparing the difference with the 33Mikuni. Has anyone installed the following into a Keihin34: N1TC needle, 160-main jet, 45-pilot jet? With this setup, is there any bog with a quick snap off of idle? An article mentioned that the jetting listed above was for break-in; what would be the expected jetting for elevations from 200 ft - 4000 ft (this is where I typically ride)? How does this compare to the 33Mikuni? Regards, Kitimatbc
  12. I just purchased my first KLX300 (previous bike was an XR250 that was a beast to start for the year + that I owned it, so I switched to the greeen-team). The bike is a 2000 model with some mods (Strocker header, Strocker seat, FMF muffler, hot start, skid plate, larger crankcase breather, opened up air box with aftermarket filter). The bike came with the stock Keihin 34cvk installed and a Mikuni 33 pumper (Kit) in a box with a bunch of other stuff. Seems like most people are of the opinion that the pumper would be a better choice (220 pounder riding twisty wet oregon woods); however, when I installed the 33 pumper (used the OE throttle, but only one cable) there is now throttle bog when I very quickly snap the throttle off of idle. If there is a little momentum, then no bog and nice power delivery. The Mikuni is jetted 45/145 and has a Sudco label on it. I wanted to see if the Mikuni carb needle was in the correct position (3 places down), but the access panel on the carb has those odd looking allen-head bolts with a raised pin in the middle, so I left it as-is. I'm not sure about adjusting any thing else (looks like you have to take the thing apart to adjust the fuel mixture.......real bright engineering). Also opened up the FMF muffler to see if that would help.....no change. Any throughts about what to do next would be appreciated.