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  1. MWMKX250

    Timing Issue - won't start.

    What do you mean? And how do you do it? Thanks.
  2. MWMKX250

    Dual T-4 Pro Circuit Slip on

    I have a brand new pair of Ti-4's if you are interested. I'll take $739 plus shipping.
  3. MWMKX250

    Timing Issue - won't start.

    04 CRF250 - new top end, valve job, compression 57psi, timing mark on right side is lined up, marks on cams are lined up, lobes pointing towards back. Left side flywheel marks are not lined up.....could this be the problem....possible sheared woodruff key? Or something else? Any suggestions? Also, Has spark, replaced kill switch, and it is getting gas.