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  1. Me and a buddy of mine from Pa bought some Honda Trx400's and are looking for areas within an hour or two for some trail riding! Have ridden down near the Philly Air port but looking for legal place in Jersey or some place else to have some fun! Let me know - John
  2. jphocker

    NJ guys.. Greenwood Forest?

    typical loud mouth punk!
  3. jphocker

    NJ guys.. Greenwood Forest?

    What a D-BAG!!! I am in law enforcement and ride a quad and am very responsible. If i was ever to run into this JACK ASS with his BIG MOUTH i would write every fine i could and maybe even break your plug off your bike so you can push your bike over that land YOU OWN!! WOW what an ASS!
  4. Also im 30yrs old Sunday if it matters!
  5. My thoughts exactly!!! Let us know buddy!!
  6. Sorry i added coments in the wrong place. Get in touch with me! We would love to blaze some new trails or ride some of yours! Where is your land? We will sign whatever wavers you need us to!!
  7. I am 30 and you? Send me a private message and maybe my buds and i could hook up with you for some riding!!
  8. Downingtown area, where do you ride? Is it legal or illegal?
  9. jphocker

    How many Philly peaple are here?

    Any good legal places near you to ride? From just outside Philly and always looking!
  10. jphocker

    How many Philly peaple are here?

    From Chester county area, about 35-45 mins to Philly. Me and a buddy of mine are looking for some good local riding other than the air port! Any sugestions drop me a personal message! Thank
  11. New to riding and a buddy and i are looking for legal places to ride in the area.We are just outside Philly in Chester County! We have been to Paragon and where ROCKED OUT! Any help would be great!