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  1. I got the Thor Ride pants, Phase enduro jacket and Ride gloves and love them. I have yet to have the pants soak through. The coat gets more wet from sweating than anything. But it actually breathes really well and has the removable sleeves. The pants are over the boot types and keep the water out of your boots. The gloves stay dry unless you dunk them in the water and there really warm. Mine are maybe 2 years old and still great, so I cant say for any of the newer stuff. for Thor.
  2. Gradthyzf

    need a few parts 95 xr 250

    Can anyone tell me what other makes of wheels will fit a 95 xr 250
  3. Gradthyzf

    wheel question

    Does anyone know if any 18 inch wheel will work on any bike? Im looking for a 95 xr 250 rear wheel and hub, but they seem to be scarce. Im wondering if any rear wheel as long as it is has a mount for a disk brake and a sprocket will work. I know the sprocket lines up from my YZ. ANy feed back would be great.
  4. Gradthyzf

    need a few parts 95 xr 250

    I need a few parts 95 xr 250. Mostly need a rear wheel and hub or just the hub. Rear axle. could also use other parts. Pm me with what you got and what you want for them. Thanks:ride:
  5. Gradthyzf

    Jordan Creek TSF - New Closures

    That really sucks. Pumpkin was a great trail. Very technical and a very good time. What a bummer.
  6. Gradthyzf


    Bronco 2's suck. I had a 86 bronco with the 5.0 in it and I loved. Really wish I had never sold it. Had about 4 inches of lift and 35inch BFG's. All decked out. If you can find one in good shape they are great rigs. 86 was the last year of the good body style and the first year of the fuel injection.
  7. Gradthyzf

    Which Bike is faster

    TT really needs a kids section. That would be a great title.
  8. Gradthyzf

    Any trail areas with camping and no rangers?

    Are you freakin kidding me. Please leave the northwest and go ride elsewhere. At least tell us what area you will be in so I can stay clear. Idiots like you are making it that much harder for legit riders that follow the rules to ride. Why dont you just go grab a picket sign and help the greenie hippy liberals out a bit more.
  9. Gradthyzf

    Any trail areas with camping and no rangers?

    So i am guessing that he wants to ride or do something that he shouldnt?
  10. Gradthyzf

    mx bikes for trails?

    I ride a woods modded yz 426 mx bike. love it, and wouldnt change it.
  11. Gradthyzf

    any tall fat guys in the crowd

    I am 6'1 260 and also have an 00. I got stiffer front and rear springs from racetech and installed them myself. Huge improvement. I have been told that revalving makes a huge difference, but I have not done it. Go to race tech and they have a chart for your weight and what not.
  12. Gradthyzf


    Looks pretty fake, the guy pops right up like nothing happened.
  13. Gradthyzf

    YZF for trail riding????

    My 426 has a flywheel weight, and low gearing and I love it in the woods. I ride mostly single track and have had no issues since going down a tooth in the front and up 2 in the back. Wouldnt mind the button though! Who would???
  14. wow, 30 seconds of that POS. That was the worstest video ever.