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  1. marc177u

    Valve clearance increasing?

    Valve stem wear.Totally normal.
  2. marc177u

    2011 KX450F starting issues and strange noise.

    Thanks for all the feedback. I added a little oil (to top of sight glass), noise seems alot better. I really didn't even notice it yesterday. I havent tried re-mapping yet for the starting issue. Sometimes it fires right up and just when you think you have it figured out, it wont start. I've tried the high idle knob which does nothing. I'll be re-mapping it in a couple weeks when I go on vac. I'll see what happens then.
  3. I recently went from an '08 KX to a used '11 that I just picked up last week. The bike was previously owned by a AA offroad racer. The bike is great but there's a couple issues I'm trying to figure out. When it's cold it starts fine, 2nd or 3rd kick eveyrytime, but when it's hot, like just pulling off the track and talking to someone for a few minutes, it doesnt want to start. It has to sit for about 10 minutes before re-start. The previous owner said he re-mapped it for more aggressive which I'm sure he did because this thing is freaking fast. Almost too fast. I'm wondering if this is causing the hard starting due to leaning it out. The other issue is it has a weird noise, almost like a grinding sound coming from the right side case. Sounds like a loose clutch hub maybe. I pulled the clutch cover and inspected the hub, plates and basket and it all seems fine. I didn't notice any wear or anything unusual. Anyone had any of these issues? Is this normal for the '11?
  4. Yes, I regret it. I've recently rode and owend 450's, 2 strk 250's and 250f's. Just sold my KX450 and now owen a RMZ250F. I sure miss my 450! You have to ride the 250F's hard and aggressive to go fast. True they're agile and handle great but so does the 450 if their setup right. For the woods I love the 250F, but for straight up motocross for me it's a 450 all the way. Especially for my age 46 and skill level, you can ride easy and lazy but still maintain a good speed. But, you need to ride smart also, they can get you in trouble if you get over confident.
  5. marc177u

    Triple clamp clarification

    I use the Pro Taper Accu-Trax on my '08 w/Pro Taper bars. They're a 22mm offset. I think their great. I have the PR2 rear link. The clamps improved the cornering big time. I came off an RMZ450 which cornered awesome, then got on this bike with stock clamps and wasn't very happy with the cornering (not many corner like the Suzuki). After swaping out clamps I did notice a difference and now it corners much better. Besides that Pro Tapers customer service is great. I twisted my top bar clamp in a crash and they sent me a new one a couple days later at no charge.
  6. marc177u


    ^^^^ I totally agree. Relax your hands and grip with your knees more.
  7. marc177u

    clutch? down shifting?

    No, just shift. The only time I really ever use the clutch is cornering.
  8. marc177u

    Buying a used 2010

    That is a smoking deal. I would be concerned about no title. Get the VIN (located on frame behind the front number plate) contact your local Police Dept. They can check for stolen and last registered owner. If all is clear buy the bike and get a bill of sale.
  9. marc177u

    2008/2009 exhaust, are they the same

    I doubt the problem is because it's for an '08. Even if it was the flange would bolt up. The only differnce in the '09 and '08 is the mounting bolt location. I found a great deal on a MRD for an '09 and installed it on my '08. I had to relocate the mount but the header and silencer bolted right up with no problems.
  10. marc177u

    RMZ450 triples on a Kx450

    I kinda doubt it since Suzuki uses Showas and Kawi uses KYB.
  11. marc177u

    Fingers on Levers

    You should try to get used to it. You never want to have a tight grip on the bar. Covering the levers also allows you to loosen up your grip on the bars.
  12. marc177u

    Coolant catch can

    It does work. I can actually watch the fluid get sucked back into the radiator on mine when the bike cools. The difference on the tanks I build is they are made from 6061 .120 wall machined aluminum, so they will last forever and withstand a good crash. Here's a quick description of the tank from Cycle Hut: http://www.ktmcyclehutt.com/ktm-parts/ktm-parts.php?sku=RLR001&title=C.R.T.-%28Coolant-Recovery-Tank%29-Kit&year=&ktm-model=&category=Cooling-Radiator&fitment=bigbikes
  13. marc177u

    Coolant catch can

    I mis-spoke previously on the size of the recovery tank on my bike. It's actually a 5 1/2 oz. I had one I installed on my buddies last week that I measured which was 11 oz. I've never needed anything larger then 5 oz. Remember it syphons the coolant back up as the motor cools. 13 oz might be a little big to go behind the radiator brace. I never tried it on the KX. I can make one up and try it. Yes, zip tying it would work fine. They do come with the brass fittings.
  14. marc177u

    Coolant catch can

    This particular tank holds 5 1/2 oz.. I built a couple for some off-road buddies that were 11 and 13 oz.