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  1. mxhoney11

    Ladies, need some advice!

    Get her the video game. Seriously, I don't like to say this but your girl is just trying to glom on to what you are doing and is not really "moto". And she's just going to get hurt. And its probably best that she has a good (but not serious) crash as soon as possible so she'll stop and you can get on with your life. She's biting off way more than she can chew.
  2. My experience 3 days ago beats anything I've ever experienced: I call a dealer to say I want to buy this leftover 09 YZ 125 that they have - ready to put the credit card down over the phone so they can prep it, coming in Friday to pick it up. With one provision - this annual free "Yamaha dealer day" ride that they have at Englishtown: I want the dealer to make sure they give me one of the free tickets (I'm sick of showing up on Yamaha Dealer Day on a dealer-bought Yamaha and everyone there is on Kawasakis and Hondas and their friend at the dealership gave them a free ticket and there I am, no idea it was free Yamaha day, no ticket. I want what I got coming to me for buying a Yamaha from a Yamaha dealer!) Well would you believe this guy first acted like he didn't know what I was talking about, then said they don't always participate (they do every year) then said he can't include that in the deal. And the entire exchanged was slathered in attitude - he made it where I would have had to swallow my dignity to then give him my money. He threw away the sale over that. So I called another dealer, same bike, same price, same deal (he assured me I'll get the free ticket) bought it there, pick it up tomorrow. Someone ought to tell that first guy about the recession...
  3. mxhoney11

    Help A New Girl Out??

    Everything Just_Ride_04 said is what I would say. Its the best advice in the chain. Mainly you need to start on a KLX or an XR or a TTR, not a screaming 2 stroke. The CR85 is a powerful bike for a girl learning to ride. In the beginning you need to be on a toned-down bike and able to put both feet flat on the ground. And you need to start doing pushups - need a lot of upper body strength to control the bike. Even an XR will get away from you. You need to go from the beginning where you're barely hanging on to the bike and the bike is in charge, to where you're beating the sh*t out of the bike and attacking the track with it and you're in charge. That is a loooooooooooong road. It all starts with pushups and serious hour upon hour upon hour of practice. Wear good protective gear (the knees get destroyed first from all those get offs) and no matter what happens, get back up and get back on. Start working on jumps and ruts and stuff on the XR/TTR/KLX until you've beaten that bike in to the ground and are sure you need more power. Then you move up to the 125 or 250f - you're lucky, you're tall enough. I started riding at a very late age (so late I don't even want to say, but it was 15 years ago) and went on to win several mx series championships. The last series, over this past summer, I lost first place in the series by one point. Every girl in the series that I beat was less than half my age. So believe me, you're not starting late at all. I didn't have anyone to teach me so I bought the Gary Semics videos when I bought my first bike and I would watch them and take notes and then take them on the bike with me and take the notes out on the trails and work on all the exercises he said to do - even setting up tires to do the figure 8's around and everything else. Those videos were priceless for me, kept me from wasting a lot of time doing things wrong. Maintenance on a TTR/KLX/XR is easy too but you will eventually need to learn how to do all the basic maintenance yourself so start doing the research on that. Let us know how you do
  4. mxhoney11

    Tips for first race?

    As you go off the line reach over and grab the guy next to you's front brake lever. It works wonders
  5. mxhoney11

    Pro Race Photos owner dies at 50

    Chris was the nicest guy in the world. He didn't have a mean bone in his body. I'm still stunned..... Rest In Peace Chris
  6. Such a beautiful girl and such a beautiful tribute. I watched the whole thing. I hope you can find some comfort in knowing that you gave her a beautiful life. Rest In Peace Ellie xxxxxooooo
  7. mxhoney11

    is RC gettin chubby again?

    he he he .......... good one
  8. mxhoney11


    You aint kiddding. My health drastically changed when I quit and then I was finally able to train seriously and it made a huge difference in my riding. I had a friend who continued to smoke when I quit and she came down with lung cancer a couple years later - at a very young age. She'll be dead 3 years next month and her son will be 8.
  9. mxhoney11

    I need some advice

    No stickers in NY or NJ either. But we don't have it good. We're just not allowed to ride it on state land anywhere. Period.
  10. mxhoney11

    Another Rider In The Family

    I just love dads who teach their daughters to ride. These are the best guys on earth
  11. mxhoney11

    Fingers on levers???

    I agree. Although you're always told one finger should be on clutch and front brake at all times its easier said than done. If you don't have one finger on them, your fingers grab those levers so fast when needed that there doesn't seem to be any time lost anyway. I'm a girl too and I've never been able to keep the finger on the front brake at all times no matter how hard I try. I don't even worry about it anymore. I raced for years and in the end it never really mattered. Sometimes I notice the fingers are where they should be and sometimes they're not. Also, I use two fingers for the clutch. No matter what I try I still need two fingers. Maybe its because my hands are smaller. So if you do too don't worry about it. Whatever feels comfortable and works for you. The important thing is to just keep practicing so your reaction time is fast and your responses are tight.
  12. mxhoney11


    Ya know bashing smokers isn't helping this guy. I smoked when I was his age. I smoked when I was even younger. I started when I was 11 with my friends cause we thought it was cool - there was this "Marlboro Lady" who walked around the mall giving mini packs of 5 or 10 cigarettes to kids. She would ask us if we were 16 and we would think we were pulling one over on her when we lied and said yes. We were too young and naive to realize that she knew how young we were - Her entire job was to get little kids like us hooked on cigarettes. This is how Marlboro ensures their future.... I went on to smoke for about 20 years - hardcore - Marlboro reds, 2 packs a day, sometimes more. None of that "lights" s hit for me. When I look back, every picture of me in my life, there's a cigarette in my hand. I never quit smoking for longer than a cross-U.S. airline flight, and I used to lose my mind during those without a cigarette. I was sure I was going to my grave with a butt in my hand. Then I had a bad crash racing. I had the points lead in my class the whole year and it was the 2nd to last race of the year. All I had to do was finish in 7th or better and I woulda won it for the year. Wouldn't even have had to run the last race. Well I was running in 2nd but I couldn't stand it, wanted to win the race. Instead of cruising, I poured it on and I cased a step up and launched the bike out of my hands over the other side, dropped about 15 feet on my ass and shattered my spine. Spent over a week in ICU and over a month in the hospital, right through Christmas and everything. So I lost the series, and to add insult to injury my "wonderful" husband practically moved his girlfriend in to our apartment while I was in the hospital. I barely saw him. I had no idea what was going on. I couldn't move. I just laid there. Alone most of the time. Both lungs had collapsed as complications from the spine surgery because of my smoking. There were moments there where they weren't sure if I'd make it or not. I struggled for every breath and after that, for every step. When they wheeled me down to the lobby finally one day in January sure, my first thought was to light a cigarette. But I said F UCK THAT. There was no way those things were ever going to run my life again. That nicotine flows through your blood and tells you that you want a cigarette despite everything you know better. It controls you. But I just lived with that urge for a few months and everybody bought me bags and bags of Tootsie Pops and Blow Pops. Whenever I wanted a cigarette I sucked on one of those. Ruined my teeth for 3 months but it worked. Even when my husband's girlfriend showed up at my door one day to inform me that he'd been cheating on me the whole time, I didn't light up. And after about 3 months the urge went away completely. Quitting can be done with just determination and no expensive patches or anything. Now the smell of a cigarette just grosses me out. But you guys go easy on this kid. As Ozzy Osbourne said: cigarettes were the hardest substance to quit that he ever put in his body. It took me longer to quit the husband but I eventually did that too. Between him and the cigarettes one was going to kill me for sure...
  13. mxhoney11

    pros drink their sponsors drinks on podium

    Thats the stupidest thing I ever heard. Hey I got a bridge in Brooklyn for sale you might be interested in...
  14. mxhoney11

    Motocross store - New York

    Wow RFB you're a real NY'er, sending him to Century 21 Good call. The food too - if you can do just one thing in NY, its eat your face out. Its the best food in the world, from all over the world. Especially compared to the UK! Best part is you never have to get up. They just bring it to you wherever you are! I would also say going up the Empire State building is still a can't-miss thing and Ground Zero, like that guy said, is a can-miss. Hitting the area of Ludlow/Rivington/Essex on the Lower East Side on a weekend night and doing a pub crawl up to the East Village is the ultimate. Guaranteed to have an even better time there with a british accent When you get to the city grab a copy of Time Out New York at a newstand, and the Village Voice (its free all over). Between those 2 you'll know everything that's going on. Oh yeah and if you're walking down the street and you hear somebody behind you going "excuse me! hey excuse me!" Don't turn around. Just keep walking.
  15. white bike, white boots, white goggles, white helmet. that looks cool What helmet is that?