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  1. hondared

    water in engine

    Steve, what about the valve clearances, the compression, the water in the carb, the soaked oil filter? What are the before and after conditions of these?
  2. hondared

    Cant Kick-Start CRF450X- Need Help

    I used to have the same problem starting the X. One problem was jetting...JD kit cured that. The second was human error. Even though you may think you're not twisting the throttle you probably are. It takes learning a new behavior. I'm 5'7" 155 and I have no problem kickstarting the "beast". Cold...choke, 2-3 quick snaps, 1-2 kicks and she's going, No Throttle (keep your hand off it) Hot...1 kick, No Throttle. If I tip it over or crash (which happens from time to time) I'll use the decompression lever. I had to get a new battery and was with out the e-start for 4-5 rides. It was then I learned how to start it with the kick starter. Take the battery out and make yourself learn how to kickstart 4-strokes.