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  1. Thanks for the idea i think that is exactly what i will do! I will drill the holes this weekend and polish it and see how it turns out!
  2. The bike in my avatar is actually kevin schwantz super moto bike the year he ran a yosh drz .... i wish it was mine! Maybe i can get the old lady to pose in a couple new pics with new parts hopefully installed by this weekend! That will make them all look that much better!
  3. Okay i found a shift lever from baja designs just ordered it at $21.95.. will take pics and update how it goes on and how long it takes to get here! brake lever looks impossible!
  4. They have a sick lever at motostrano for the rmz but they said it wouldnt fit.....fudge!
  5. Anybody have any ideas? Any place to look?
  6. I have most of the cosmetic and weight savings done and the bike gets people to stop and gape at her. My buddy cory at folsom cycle had her at his shop and people kept wanting to buy her or thought that they needed to build one like But i still cant find a cool anodized or billet or carbon fiber gear shift lever or rear brake lever! Everythig i have seen is for the Rm-z Does anyone have any ideas what will fit my 2005 drz sm?
  7. Well just got a email from cycle gear that acerbis is no longer making that headlight unit in yellow so i had to get it in black. arrrrg! Well i hope the black one looks ok!
  8. 1992 honda 50cc dirtbike 1989 Honda VTR 250 street bike 1994 kawaski zx-6e sportbike 1997 suzuki gsx-r 750 sportbike 2003 suzuki gsx-r 1000 sportbike 2002 gsuzuki sx-r 750 sportbike currently 2005 suzuki drz-400 sm 2005 modified 50 framed 110 dirtbike deposit put down on 2007 ducati 1098 suberbike
  9. Coolio I just ordered one from cycle gear yesterday i hope to have it soon! i will post pics soon when i get it installed!
  10. Here it is right here on motostrano!!
  11. Beemer wolf the other drz's are friends of mine who did not have a garage at the time... Mine was the yellow one on the stand...I will add new pics soon! as i have done more mods and i am getting ready to send the forks and rear shock off to either motostrano or lindeman for suspension upgades...havent decided wich one yet..Since eddie set me strait on the husky i decided to just trow more money at the drz and see what happens..
  12. Thanks ed for the skinny on the husky! I have some more questions for you? I will try to email you I am now thinking since i have already sunk a little fotune into "dana" my drz that maybe with some engine work from you i will be happy with her....
  13. Hmmmm I have a decent amount invested in mine and am wondering if spending a bucketload more to get to 55 or 60 hp is gonna be the right way to go or if maybe buying something like the husky 510 with 60 hp stock would be a better option? I love my drz but why cant they make it with more hp?
  14. Does anyone have a pic or directions of taking out the insert on a rs 3 ss?
  15. Where did you buy that nipple??? I need one!