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  1. how much does the stock xr 250 motor weigh ?? im planing on builing a evo thumper out of a 1980 cr250 trying to keep the weight down , proably stroke and big bore for the motor and cam and carb
  2. thank you u guys been alot of help
  3. oh ok i learn sumthin new ever day , so how much does wisco charge for a custom piston ??? and 74mm is the bigest u can go while still leaving . 75mm of sleave wall lef for the 125 cylinder right ???
  4. ? also what are u guys doing to the tranny and all , after uv built the motor ??? i know stiffer pressure plate springs 4 sure any thing else ??
  5. u can go 72 mm without boring the cases ?? i know u will have to resleeve 4 sure what are they useing for pistons ?? drz 250 BB piston ?? thats awsome thanks afterall this im hopin to build at least 250cc monster : ) smoke all the big bike riders on the vet track for sure lol
  6. procycle ?? does the dr 200 tranny is it a 5 speed or 6 speed ???? becuase if its 6 i might as well use the tranny have 6 speed instead of a 5 thanks uv been a great help
  7. procycle ? i know they sell the bigvalve kit for the drz 125 have u ran those valves wth a five angled valve job yet ? and does it make much of a differance then the 3 angle valve job ??? iv herd the 5 angle flows alot better , i dont have a flow meter : ( that my next toy if i can ever afford one lol , im curious on how much of a differance in performance it would make
  8. if the primary gear is fixed on the crank ill just stroke my stock crank my self
  9. i planned on useing the 200 crank becuase the stroke is almost 10 mm more but i was gunna by the oem parts and have it pressed togather but have the rod shortend do sumthin similer to what powroll does so it wouldnt hit the cylinder head , i got full access to machine shop : ) , i figured sumthin on the crank would be differnt i havnt torn the motor down yet i was just trying to figure out so far what i want to do exactly before i buy any thing and make more work for myself then i need to , is the primary gear fixed on the crank ? or is it like two stroke were thers a spline and the gear goes on the spline on the crank shaft ??? havnt had a chance to tear into i yet been two busy : (
  10. has any one tired this ?? if u have let me know what it takes id rather buy oem parts then have my stock 125 crank modifed
  11. so im doing a build on my 1982 xr 80 i was wondering if any one knows who makes a dg replica or similer an how much and where to get it , and who makes an extended swing arm ????? or i was thinkin of gettin a simmiler year xr 100 swing arm cuz the look about 2 inches longer or so ?? and what are u guys running for rear shocks ???? any info would be awsome
  12. dose any body know who dose case boring for the 110 motors and how much it cost if u dissasambel the motor ur self ?? if any one has an idea as to who dose any info on them woul help
  13. has any one built a 110 yet with the new bbr 160 kit and also add a stoker to it to get it ther area of 180cc ? i was thinking about doing that but idont now to much about the reliablety of such a big motor if any ones got any infoor have done this,any advice would help greatly
  14. hum i don't have the actually bike i wasn't sure if it was going to work out so i decided to ask thanks for the tips and stuff think I'm going to stuff my xr200 knock off motor into my 78 yz 80 that has a blown third gear it should fit thers alot of room so i think im going to try that and i just thought of buying that 1988 yz80 and getting a xr 100 motor of ebay that would probably work out alot better then the 200 motor
  15. hey i founds a 1988 yz 80 for 300 bucks i have an xr 200 motor dose any one know the cons of this bike if u try to convert i t ??