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  1. Gaston Gagne

    XR650L Height

    I am 6'0" with a 32 inch inseam, and I find the XR quite comfortable, even in tight stuff.
  2. Gaston Gagne

    Where is Yanni?

    Posting names and addresses? What a class act.
  3. Gaston Gagne

    How big of a rear tire on a 650L?

    I have a 120/80 606 on my 2003 XRL, and I had to trim the corner of the plastic chain guard where the tire would hit with a pair of tin snips. I haven't had a problem since.
  4. I have run into this as well in Pisgah Nat'l Forest. I have only seen it on roads where I have never seen the gates open, so even with a tag they wouldn't be legal. Not only were there makeshift barricades, but in one instance, I was "greeted" by the landowner on my way out of his property. He had parked a car across the road, so that my only route of escape would have been through his yard. I took the diplomatic approach, and he let me through. Near the house there is an open FS road where the landowners remove the Carsonite signage and put posted signs up on both sides of the road. If I were looking for this roadhead and didn't know any better, I would be turned back and miss it. Where do you ride in WNC? I am trying to meet people to ride with because I usually ride by myself. I live near Brown Mtn. and ride there all the time.
  5. Gaston Gagne

    GA/NC ride 11/25-26

    I can't go this weekend. Family obligations. I pretty much ride alone and have been looking for folks to join. I live very close to Brown Mtn ORV area and cruise around the Grandfather area quite often. I'm willing to load up. If you plan another ride, lemme know. gastongagne@yahoo.com