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  1. I am 240 on a slim day ...hahahha... I have a 06' wr with all the "free mods" done and my bike has plenty of ponies to move me!!!!! And the suspension on this bike is PLUSH !!!! GREAT Bike
  2. Nor-Cal...Sacramento bye way if the BAY AREA 06' wr 250
  3. Will be there !!!!!!!!
  4. So I guess hill climbs are no more !!!!!
  5. Green Sticker!!!
  6. Ok I have maybe a dumb question.....What advantage will I gain bye removing the smog crap ?????? Is it worth the hassle that is seems to be getting it off. My bike rides pretty dam nice now!!!!
  7. Go yamaha......I flip flopped between them both and the wr wit hall the "freemods" is a much better bike and mine is been SOLID!!! a friend bought a crf and he has had problems already
  8. Who makes them ?????????????
  9. I have a 06' wr250 and did all the "free" mods the bike is perfect the suspension is a little soft for "BIG" jumps. I do mostly trails so I think the suspension is great
  10. If it rains Sat what are the odds the will shut it down for sunday???? Thinking of going Sunday my self
  11. 06 Wr 250.....6100 Out The Door
  12. I have attached "wheel shoes" no need for tie downs
  13. Jeff, I live in Elk Grove and I shopped all over the area and I ended up going to the bay and saved my self a TON of money I got a 2006 wr 250 and they hooked me up!!! San mateo Yamaha 6099 out the door
  14. Well, I have a 06 wr250f and My dealership DID do a throttle stop, But they cut the current one I have. I make a pretty big difference. Also did all of the other "free" mods ie. grey wire, muffler plug and the airbox plate. Also added a "Boysen" quick shot to the carb and it gave me a better responce on the bottom end almost elimanates the lil hick up on the bottom end. In the Future I am going to add a pipe and that should do it for me fora bit !!! Good Luck 06 wr250f free mods Boysen quick shot
  15. Well, My 06 did have a huge bog in low end first 1/8 turn on the throttle it would bog pretty bad. I did the "free Mods" and I also just did the Boysen quick shot and that help a ton!! It still has a little bog. Add a pipe and it will eliminate it completely!! I still am happy as hell with this bike !! 06 wr250