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  1. BradL

    Single exhaust for 06 CRF 250

    Sometimes when someone crashes right in front of you you have no option but to crash and burn! If you are not on the verge of crashing when racing you arent trying hard enough!
  2. BradL

    06 CRF250R Ride Report - 1st 4 Stroke

    Good to hear you are enjoying the bike. Just a comment on the maintenance side of things. You say you have done 10.8 hours over a 6 round series thats 1.8 hours running per race and you are changing the oil then! I have done 20.3 hours on my 06 and change the oil every 5 hours (which alot of people seem to do) and the oil is still very clean. It must be like brand new after only 1.8 hours racing, I think you could save yourself some time and money by changing it every 2 or 3 races. Also I use a stainless steel washable filter which will save you money. Cheers Brad.
  3. BradL

    Single exhaust for 06 CRF 250

    In my opinion there is way less chance of damaging the twin pipes than a single as they are so short and compact and almost completely covered by the sidecovers! I have had several offs on my 06 and no damage to the exhausts at all. Even had one where the bike end for ended down the track and one pipe was full of dirt but not damaged, I'm sure if I had a single pipe that sticks out another 4 inches it would of been damaged or bent the subframe.
  4. BradL

    06 tears up boots...(pic included)

    I had the same problem with my 06 but I think I was kicking it too hard, now I just give it a slow kick not very hard and away it goes.....
  5. BradL

    oil filter? on my new 06r

    My 06 came with a spare paper oil filter in the spares kit with it. I am using a rewashable stainless steel filter and clean after every oil change (5 hours).
  6. BradL

    Oil changes on 06 CRF250R

    I am changing mine every 5 hours and running fully synthetic oil, 12 hours on the clock. Changed it after 30mins running and quite a bit of small debri in the oil. Only problems so far are right exhaust weld cracked and rust spot on rear shock shaft cut out seal (both repaired under warranty). Have fun!
  7. BradL

    2006 Honda CRF 250 Problems....

    My rear shock seal has started leaking after only 12.5 hours
  8. BradL

    What's up with the '06?

    Only 10 hours on mine, checked valve clearances for first time in weekend, still within spec
  9. Whats the most number of hours anyone has done so far and any problems? Only 8 hours on mine so far, cracked exhaust only problem.
  10. BradL

    TTers's - Rear 450f rim with a 120 tire on a 250f

    I am running a 110/90/19 on mine with no clearance problems, might be a little tight for a 120
  11. BradL

    any1 here from new zealand??

    Hi, I'm up in Whangarei and there is plenty of places to ride here. is a good trail ride on this weekend, part of the Honda trail rides series.
  12. BradL

    06 exhaust tip cracking

    I am in New Zealand, so I guess they have different exhausts on our models?? The tips on mine are made from stainless steel not aluminium. Would be good to see a pic of your type posted.
  13. BradL

    06 exhaust tip cracking

    Pic of my cracked exhaust http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c227/BradL7/PICT3703.jpg
  14. BradL

    My2006 Crf250r Photos Thread ;;;....

    Raced yesterday http://i28.photobucket.com/albums/c227/BradL7/P1040057.jpg
  15. BradL

    Tyre Sizes

    To answer my own question raced it today and no problems and no black marks inside my guard!