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  1. **screw cyclewriter** free RUSTY support your local 81!
  2. Ill meet you there tomorrow and take a chance ....I'm going some were that way for sure.PM me if you want to meet.....
  3. Last weekend at the San Diego round of the AMA SX series James Marshall a upcoming star from Texas was seriously injured.A website has been set up to organize the efforts to help in his recovery.PLEASE visit HELPJAMES.ORG to get all the info and updates on james's condition.
  4. I called the ranger at 9am(sat) he said no rain last night ....maybe tonight but i dont think so i have been watching radar at weather.com....
  5. I thought that plan was dead,toxic soil from what i was told.....hope that info was wrong!
  6. Get a good lock!
  8. Im looking for someone to ride with on sun i will be there around 930am and will stay in the park (sm tank) for the day.Pm me for my cell # if intrested....
  9. Are you guys going to ride the forest or stay in the park? Im on the fence i have to put my bike together if i throw in......
  10. Hey, i just wanted to drop in and say it was great to meet all the riders on sat.Sorry my bro and i didnt make the morning run but we had a good time riding the after noon one.I hope the two guys we lost wernt pissed (oops) its was kinda a big group,anyway who is in this weekend??? i think we are hitin gorman again................ eric (494)
  11. Is there room for 2 more day riders on sat?????
  12. go tommarow(sat) it will be wet i called the ranger she said it was good wet but not muddy...im going with a bro we park on the 1st camp on the left going in on hungry bear its behind the 4x4 area,you are welcome to join us....my cell 714-496-2070...we will be there around 930 or so ...leaving HB at 730....eric
  13. Im in on sat we should be there about 930 am.....i park in the 1st camp on the left when coming in on cuntry bear rd......silver f250 i m on a yz450 #494 and my buddie has a 98kx 250 no numbers....if any one wants to meet up pm me for cell#
  14. Anyone up for gorman or maybe gillman on sat??? it should be nice and wet!!
  15. Hope you guys had a good time,I got called into work at 6:00 ill make the next one...