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  1. OregonKX

    99-02 kx250 rear shock

    i mainly just need the housing so i can swap internals and my spring.
  2. OregonKX

    99-02 kx250 rear shock

    will a rear shock from a 99-02 kx125 work on a 99-02 kx250?????? thanks
  3. OregonKX

    orv sticker placement

    behind the number plate is the best spot.
  4. OregonKX

    A friend was killed on Larch Mountain, Jones Creek on Friday

    not to be weird or anything. but where was it at? i ride there all the time, i was up there sat. and saw some yellow tape on a un marked trail, as you come to the end of the b-trail, cross the road and do that lil hill climb. by the gravel pit. i venture the trails past the radio tower, and didnt see any new tracks. thanks sorry for your loss, condolences to the family and friends.
  5. OregonKX

    2000 kx 250 first rebuild

    how did you blow the bottom end? when the crank goes bad its the bearings and you can hear it. if it runs what color is the smoke coming out? if its white you blew a crank seal. and now its time to split the cases, cuz your motor is burning oil from the tranny.
  6. OregonKX

    Hood River County Northwest Area Trails Open

    is kingsley resivior open?
  7. OregonKX

    Oregon hood river "open"?

    is binns hill or kingsley resivior open to ride? last i heard it was closed but??????
  8. OregonKX

    Places to ride new Vancouver Wa this time of year?

    sounds just like my ex-girlfriend
  9. OregonKX

    Places to ride new Vancouver Wa this time of year?

    browns camp, quad wide trails, jordan creek dirtbikes only, and diamond mill dirt bikes only off hwy 6
  10. OregonKX

    Anyone riding tsf Easter Sunday?

    i went to browns camp today cuz i know my way around solo. rode gummi worm and #55 and another trail, just doing some fast loops. so many people there. rode military and sidewinder but way too many oncomers, had to get up near the top and i had some sweet loops, looked like no one had ridden them. ill be out there tom. around 1pm. to do some sweet loops near the top again. ill be in a ext. white van towing a 3 rail.
  11. check wires, something came loose, did you put the spark plug cap back on the spark plug? bad coil? stick a screw driver in the spark plug cap and " have a friend do this while u kick the bike over" make sure his finger is on the metal, and kick it. take spark plug out first. if he gets zapped you have spark.
  12. OregonKX

    2000 kx250 cylinder

    99-01 for sure, i think they changed something on the 02 but 96-98 might work too
  13. OregonKX

    Anyone riding tsf Easter Sunday?

    Looking to ride Easter Sunday, wondering if I could tag along with some one or a group. Browns, diamond mill or Jordan creek. Thanks
  14. OregonKX

    What is your favorite place to ride? w/pic please

    the super secret single track in the woods. ssst no dust all year long. 30+ mile loops