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  1. MR WRite

    Need Help picking a bike

    230 f is a good bike for your size and weight. Not to much power to get in to trouble till you feel more comfortable. Buy it used and save a bundle. If it already has suspension and engine upgrades all the better. Rock solid reliabilty. Then sell it to your dad, upgrade and go riding together.
  2. Electric start/150f/will a woman grow bored? Still working on that one!
  3. MR WRite

    crf230 usd forks

    Can not speak to the emulators or BBR springs and shim conversion. Did the reger update like vmeadows and for aggressive trail riding and not so aggressive track riding works great for me. Were I to do it again I would do EBECK's and others big bike fork conversion to try and get the "feel" closer to the front end on my WR. That thing just plain works! I don't jump well and like the insurance the big bike fork provides and they work better on endless whoops sections. Also have the Works shock at the back end. Depending on your future bike plans and your "sponsors pocketbook," you may just want to try the almost free fork mods you can find in the stickys and the search function and keep your investment cost low till it is time to upgrade. I am just another old guy happy with his not so perfect air cooled caveman bike!
  4. Used LPS on my aluminum engine cases when I laid the bikes up for the winter and removed it with brake clean in the spring. Worked well/ This might be better for your salty conditions.www.lpslabs.com/products/CorrosionInh/Procyon.asp
  5. Once you get in to the forks and remove the spring there is a plastic guide at the top of the damper rod. I had to sand down the black plastic spring guide ridges slightly as the inner diameter of my new springs was a little tight. Otherwise the spring would grind off material. The plastic guide should slide freely thru the spring.
  6. MR WRite

    wont turn over!

    If I read this right it has more to do with compression ratio,http://www.pumaracing.co.uk/comp.htm, just trying to provide a baseline to check against, if the valves are not sealing correctly his reading will more than likely be lower than stock. The leaky liquid test with head off will bypass my lack of knowledge of oversize piston compression readings.
  7. MR WRite

    wont turn over!

    If you have access to a compression tester, the Honda manual states 188 psi is the standard reading. One problem, they state the engine should be warm! No cold reading. I dug out my old tester to get you a cold reading but my tester does not have the correct adaptor. Plug out for the first time in two years, burning nice with Mr Coe's jet advice. Regap and good till I pick up a new one. Suzuki manual recommends a static test with the head off. Pour a small amount of gas in the intake then the exhaust port with valves closed and see if any fluid leaks past. No smoking!
  8. www.repairmanual.com/catalog/61KPS04 factory book
  9. MR WRite

    XR 200 manual OK for CRF 230F?

    Costs a little more for the correct manual, but if you are keeping the bke it is a good investment.www.repairmanual.com You can also find them cheaper on ebay
  10. Don't crash your DRZ in a berm with the top of the bike angled down, that's when I appreciate the "light" weight of the 230.
  11. MR WRite

    Oil Filter Direction

    Just put in the Scott's filter this afternoon hole into cover wins.
  12. Try going to the bathroom first and then pick up the bike:p
  13. MR WRite

    In the Dirt Rider 08'250f shootout....

    I would not base my purchase on one long term test. I did use the valuable feedback and longterm experiences of the owners on thumpertalk to help drive my decision as to what bikes to make my mules. So thanks to all you longterm testers out there staring at your screens, keep that information coming
  14. MR WRite

    best bike to upgrade to

    No mention of h.p., just plug gap. oil weight and such on the sticker.
  15. MR WRite

    XR 600R rear shock on CRF 230?

    You will be happy you did it, makes a big difference.