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  1. Hang in there man. You know we all wish you the best.
  2. Thats what I used to tell my dad too. I don't think he fully appreciated the wisdom I was sharing with him.
  3. I have to be kind of careful with my back. The several tumbles in the pine needles and a couple of "tommy tipover's" I've had lately havent messed up my back more than it is. What I have to absolutely avoid is some kind of impact straight up my spine. I fell down a stair in Jan. and I'm still feeling that a little. That's what I'm hoping the inversion table is going to help. I'm starting in Nov. If I can figure out how, I'll post a pix of my x-ray of my lower back. It's scary. Maybe I'll do it on Halloween.
  4. Had it really bad back in 08' Sister used a chiro that studied weightlessness at Nasa, he pulled me in x2 a week for 3 weeks, compressed discs in lombar area, he got me up & rolling, I'd be bed ridden for 3-4 hrs. after work, 3-4 Excedrin, that's when I bought my Inv. board for maint. Hasn't been back since. Jes sayin' As soon as I'm home for any length of time, we're getting a board and I'll be using it all winter. I'll have to look back and see what brands you recommended.
  5. Yes, At least you're a monthly winner! Your prize will be mailed to you. The thread needed a bump too.
  6. I notice the biggest thing on my YZ, which is no slouch in the HP department, is it actually runs decent from maybe 2K to 4K. Should you ride a YZ in that range? Of course not - but it hapens. In the "old days", who knows what would happen with a 250 that makes almost 50 HP, trying to ride it in that RPM range, you might load it up BIGLY. The YZ tolerates it.
  7. Yes - In fact I have a home made (wifey) one on the rear of my YZ. Haven't had time to figure out a front one yet.
  8. Thanks for the info. I'LL bet SIL lost the spacers. I can't get my fingers behind it and I don'y have giant sausage fingers. Maybe I;ll tell him to look for the spacers or use some washers. Right now, it's a useless piece of bling.
  9. Hey fud, pretty bike but if you don't mind me asking a question - I see the black grab bar on the side and it looks like you actually CAN put your fingers under it to use it as intended. My SIL just put one on his 300 and I'm sure they aren't cheap but you really can't get your fingers under it. Certainly not to grab on and pull. Does yours have some spacers under the ends? I'm wondering if SIL lost some parts before he installed it.
  10. well, remember I'm a technical person & just couldn't let it go untouched.
  11. Of course you know that's not 8mm film. That's a CHIPS episode clip so it was filmed in 35mm for TV broadcast.
  12. Those were definately the BAD old days. When your head WAS the roll bar. And "We don't need no stinkin' seat belts"
  13. If your range of speed is an issue, would a change of gear ratios solve anything? As in some WR ratio gears in there to up top speed without maiking first impossible to use...
  14. I actually like doing that kind of wiring. I did it for so effen many years, I saw the failures in equipment and if the workmanship was the reason for the failure. In other words, I learned from THEIR mistakes. It helps to have all the correct components & hardware too.
  15. All I can say for sure, on my YZ, it worked the opposite. Maybe your OE set timing was not that radical, which some of the YZ's WERE with tolerance stackup so retarding it helped me.