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  1. A couple of times, my YZ had tipped over in that garage, caused by little people messing around. I KNOW at least one time I would have broken a lever off and I have a Protaper clutch perch (love it) and would hate to snap that one.
  2. motoxvet

    Do I need a new bottom end?

    I change my signature periodically with all Zep lines. You're the first one to recognize the source. So you win the prize. What that is, I'm not sure yet.
  3. motoxvet

    Do I need a new bottom end?

    With bearings in a case, I always take a dial caliper that can measure depth & check how the bearing sits, if it's a plus or a minus to the case surface and write it down. Then I'll know how close I am when pressing in the new bearings.
  4. motoxvet

    Rm250 Fatty pipe on a 2003 Yz125

    It would also not be dimensionally correct to serve as a tuned pipe for a 125. It would only be serving as an "exhaust pipe". ^^^ What kinger said.
  5. motoxvet

    4 Stroke Resale Value?

    One of our Minnesota TT'ers used to have "4 STROKES - A FAILED EXPERIMENT" as his user signature. I always liked that. Kind of thought provoking.
  6. I bet a big heavy drum brake on the front slows down the steering too.
  7. Same with me. First time I put them on my DS bike, I banged a tree that deflected me to the other side of the trail but no pain, no foul. Without them, I would have bailed out and been writhing on the ground in pain - at best.
  8. Yes, I should have mentioned, I use the aforementioned wrap-arounds for my woods YZ. For MX I probably not use any or maybe the flag type - but I don't race any more..
  9. motoxvet

    CRAFTSMAN tools new home...LOWE'S!!

    Absolutely true. The one thing I don't know is if the latest generation of "Craftsman" tools that Lowes sells now is the same cheap CRAP the Sears stores were selling a few years ago...? That stuff was Chinese, I think, but I'm not sure.
  10. I should have added with my post, I've only been using a very heavy duty aluminum ones, full loop, meaning they are anchored on both ends. I don't use the plastic deflectors. I always thought if you can imagine your hand/wrist going foreward in a crash, the shape of the deflector may funnel your hand into the loop instead of letting it pass by above the guard. Sure you get some of the smaller twigs hitting you without that deflector but not a big deal. YMMV.
  11. I hope everyone that uses them knows you tip them down a little. Obviously, down too far & you won't have as much (or any) protection but there's MUCH less chance of your hand going in there. It aint rocket science.
  12. motoxvet

    Extreme riding, old school style

    As far as vibration, I used to race a Maico 400 for a couple of years. NOW, people will parrot what "they heard" that they vibrated HORRIBLY. To be honest, I never really noticed that it was worse than any other bike. If it really was measurably worse than other bikes, I quit noticing it after about 20 feet.
  13. motoxvet

    General Mn chit-chat

    I used to do it - with just a new set of knobbys. I think it would have been WAY more fun with studs but I don't even know if they were available back then except for ice racing. I haven't done that for a LONG time. Just a hint- The older you get, the colder it gets outside!
  14. motoxvet

    General Mn chit-chat

    Still have it and it WAS almost all work last summer. I think I'm finally getting caugfht up on most things. I expect next summer will be WAY better. The weather seemed to always go against me too and the early cold weather didn't help either.
  15. motoxvet

    General Mn chit-chat

    Hey over rev. Good to hear from you! Hope things are well.