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  1. Since I live in the 'burbs, It is STRICTLY forbidden here to shoot vermin (squirrels, rabbits, crows) with even a BB gun. An arrest and then release is almost guarenteed. A friend who works for a public agency used to shoot crows & rabbits with a BB gun. A "wild life activist" neighbor told him to stop that or he would get arrested. It's a cardinal sin with his employer to get arrested for something like that or he would loose his retirement. He stopped shooting them
  2. It's an '01 YZ250. Nothing's broken yet but I thought as long as it's apart, I'd do a little preventive thing and take some of that edge off.
  3. I'm doing a top end on my YZ and will take all the power valve parts out and clean them. I'm wondering if I should grind a little off the main power valve where I've seen it hit the piston & rings if it goes down too far, obviously related to a power valve linkage problem. I seem to remember someone doing that but I'm not sure if it was an act of desperation for him or a good idea as long as I have it out. Comments?
  4. FINALLY, we're getting warmer weather here & I can start bike work. Yesterday, 70, 60's the rest of the week. First task is re-wiring the Suzuki for an LED headlight & tail light & getting rid of all the OEM wiring but using some of the OEM switches. Fun for me since I'm a tech. I'll be doing that while my clone does the top end on the YZ. Hmmm...I wonder where he went...?
  5. Very true. Like cj said, he obviously has a sense of humor.
  6. WHATEVER it is, the thread needed a bump anyway.
  7. Remember, he's an honorary senior.
  8. So you're talking about trueing specifically & not balancing? I'm not sure if a 2t crank can be balanced to do any good & no one in the know has answered that specifically to me yet.
  9. DOn't plan on go to Mpls planning to ride close by. Unless cr has some secret land, there's no place close by for riding. MY riding area is a 4 hour drive straight north. Just an FYI.
  10. I think I'm geared 14/51. That's how I got it but I think OE was 14/49. I was thinking of getting a 15 tooth countershaft and probably should get a new chain so it will be 15/51, which is almost exactly the same ratio as 14/49.
  11. My riding area is somewhere between yours and irme's. I'd like to ride some of that desert stuff to but at least I do get into 5th gear pretty often. In fact, I'm really thinking of gearing it up a little because I run out of gear too quick on the top of 5th.
  12. If I didn't have the deal I have now, I'd probably disconnect completely. HOW MANY times we've looked at the guide and think "I'd rather go out and watch the grass grow that watch anything that's on now". If you're interestes are VERY narrow, a smart TV may fill the bill for some people. Obviously, you have to have the internet connect for the smart features.
  13. I will say that for the good service, cable & satellite is OUTRAGEOUSLY expensive. I have Directv only because my daughter has had it for many years and they have an option similar to an RV option where you can have a second box with service for $5/mo. She upgraded to their latest HD equipment but they don;t ask for the old equipemnt back, because it's the "old generation" and they don't want it. So I get her old HD components, installed the dish and wired the whole thing up myself. I told her I'd give her the $5/mo. but she owes me so much money, I'm not worrying about that for now!
  14. Same with me. Saw that in my '77 YZ400 manual and thought "well, that DOESNT apply to me!" and never touched the motor as long as I owned it.. I gotta admit it probably needed rings when I sold it.
  15. CJ, are you in that wild fire area? I just saw the story about it in the news and I'm pretty sure the map they showed included your area...