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  1. When you get closer to reassembling the top ring groove may be pinned to stop the ring from rotating. Just a thought to avoid damaging another cylinder. Hope you get to ride soon.
  2. Oop my bad I thought it was a pw. May be the same but I don't really know and will be quiet now.
  3. They come like that for the kids safety. In your manual it will tell you about an exhaust restrictor plate in the head pipe that can be removed. Remove it and adjust the throttle stop.
  4. Put your preload back were it was and soften you compression adjuster. Also if your backing off the throttle when going over an obstacle the bike will tend to roll forward. A good idea is to ride with someone who knows about suspension a bit cause the bike may be either to stiff and not using the stroke or to soft and blowing all the way through it's stroke, both will rotate you over the bars. I always start in the middle of all adjusters and make small changes to suit the riding. Good luck and happy riding.
  5. It is a 2stroke and it will smoke badly cold and will continue to load up until you get the chance to get out and ride with some load on it. Your only going to smell like mix oil if you keep running it in your garage. Lol
  6. I know this thread is old but did you ever get what you wanted from your modified shim stack?
  7. http://contour.com/stories/barnhartvale-hill-climb Typical stall after nailing the small rock step midway up. Getting ejected backwards is the Rekuse thing.
  8. Something to watch for in the larger pop ups is the slide out dinnette. I have the Starcraft 13RT and love it once set up but when loading the thing the dinnette slides back in and takes all the floor space up and leaves no room for storage! So all your gear and bedding needs to be packed into the truck once the minimal cupboard space is used up. Something I would never have thought about when buying and in theory works well, just a space and time sucker when it comes to setup, take down and travel. A canopy is a must.
  9. http://www.dirtbikemagazine.com/ME2/dirmod.asp?sid=&nm=&type=news&mod=News&mid=9A02E3B96F2A415ABC72CB5F516B4C10&tier=3&nid=B9167CBBFA68494389E0C98078205F56 Hope this helps.
  10. I was hoping that someone could help out with a rear shock rebuild manual for a 08 TC450. I need the oil specs and bleeding/filling procedures for what I believe is a nonbladder shock. Thanks in advance. Alex
  11. My '08 TC has the P3 product line.
  12. We have the Starcraft 13RT and love it. The dinette bumps out to really open up the floor plan. http://www.starcraftrv.com/starcraft_folding_campers/2009/13RT_highlights.html I carry 3 full size bikes on the front or mine and 3 kids.
  13. OOOO I like this fix alot! I did not what to deal with feeding straps around the TC's fender.
  14. Mine is quiet in the 08 TC450. It was put in right after break in and I have not even felt the need to check it at all. Just past 50 hours and all is good.
  15. Has the restricter plate been removed from the head pipe and/or the throttle stop in the mostly closed position?